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  1. Maybe less physical rewards and more along the lines of team points or levels that could be obtained by beating challenges or official tournaments. Either way I'm all for more team functionality in the game.
  2. All images updated. I'll work on the information later.
  3. The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Also I really should update this.
  4. Added Grunt rank that I missed. Fixed last updated date. I still need to make new images, I'll get right on that.
  5. Updated, tell me if I missed something or if something is wrong.
  6. Deshar

    I'm Snugglz!

      Such a nice person, welcome to the game.
  7. Welcome to the game Link, just note that not everything is the same as FireRed, there are extra things and some things have been altered such as breeding.
  8. Deshar


    Welcome to PokeMMO Ashenverdic
  9. Welcome, hope you like the game.
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