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  1. Throwback to when JJ and Fish convinced me to buy rust one night, and we played it for a solid 6 hours then never played again
  2. Figured id make something today while i sat around on campus
  3. @Aerun look i finally made that sig :)
  4. Well boys, just reset the mac back to factory settings. lets see how long i can go without redownloading pokemmo
  5. LF motivation to even look at my shop
  6. nah fam I'm dead. ask tor to do it lmao
  7. I guess ill take one, i already know what my quotes gonna be Actually put fox on that shit fam here you go.
  8. Sigs will be made soon, maybe on my next day off
  9. Love how i can snapchat JJ any time of the day asking for EV spreads and he always replies, what a true hero.
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