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  1. got bored. decided to make something. @KaynineXL just need to slap your name on it
  2. @Kizhaz just mad he didn't make the noteworthy members
  3. Casually waiting for my security code to"log in on a new device" for almost 30 mins now. maybe returning back was a mistake...
  4. if your answer isn't @KingBowser, then its invalid.
  5. thats because you've probably afked 5k of those hours
  6. Tis a sad day when I had to get my MacBook reset back to factory settings and no longer have photoshop anymore. Nor is there a desire to redownload it, so farewell to this sig shop. Although I still have all of the sigs I've made so if anybody loses theirs, lmk.
  7. You know this game ran out of people wanting to be staff when bilburt and k9 got picked
  8. @DoubleJ the GOAT (excluding bowser ofc since he's rip)
  9. Should've kept it a secret and tried to get more than one tbh
  10. I remember when i had to sign JSTUD up for tournaments just to get him online Its been a good run boys.
  11. I never actually save any renders. i just google them when i need something and for backgrounds i usually just look up background stocks possibly, gimme the details
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