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  1. can't this shop just die like the rest of us already
  2. Sleepy dead, Platoons dead, Ploegy dead. Draekyn's our only hope to keep the sig shops alive
  3. in. edit: when outlook decides to stop working and not recognize and let you use your email that has everything on it thats needed to go on with my day.
  4. *Casually waiting for Draekyn's shop to die like everyone elses*
  5. The best part is the bracket screenshot of him beating kyzu, like thats not an achievement
  6. that i did. "Plat's Art Kingdom" when?
  7. Also, you can go to your system preferences and change this so it'll be like your windows laptop
  8. It's okay, ill take over the shop for now.
  9. JJ what the hell am i looking at in your avatar, is that supposed to be you?
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