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  1. @DoubleJ the GOAT (excluding bowser ofc since he's rip)
  2. Should've kept it a secret and tried to get more than one tbh
  3. I remember when i had to sign JSTUD up for tournaments just to get him online Its been a good run boys.
  4. I never actually save any renders. i just google them when i need something and for backgrounds i usually just look up background stocks possibly, gimme the details
  5. Back from the dead just for a simple team change for my boy @LifeStyle
  6. Raaidns to busy bouncing around on his bicycle to keep this team thread off page 2
  7. can't this shop just die like the rest of us already
  8. Sleepy dead, Platoons dead, Ploegy dead. Draekyn's our only hope to keep the sig shops alive
  9. in. edit: when outlook decides to stop working and not recognize and let you use your email that has everything on it thats needed to go on with my day.
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