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  1. lmao caught some free time in between class and was going to do them but then remembered i do all my photoshop on my desktop now. rip me.
  2. boyyyyy you already know i'm not playing, but that'll be a nice surprise if i ever log in again (unfortunately I couldn't get the "é" so settle for a regular e)
  3. just like that sleepy is dead again
  4. i got a good one coming sleepy
  5. lol i even logged on to mmo for like 30 seconds today. im really peaking
  6. first we need enough motivation to charge for sigs lolol
  7. inspired by sleepy yet again (3 sigs in less than a year, must be a new record)
  8. lets just make nonfont sigs, nomsayin
  9. lit edit: bout to make some fire bc of this revival edit2: @Sleepy couldn't get the font to look good so here is a nameless sig
  10. @Parke the goat of gambling
  11. Cant believe I actually had to join this shit just to say that both coolio and toast have moved on and are now hooked on fortnite w me.
  12. jokes i only play fortnite Fortnite IGN: Platoons
  13. Meh. Good sig, shit font. story of my life.
  14. - Epic name: Platoons - Platform: PC - Server: NAE -Season 5: 0.89 -Lifetime: 0.81
  15. @Ploegyhas some competition now
  16. got bored. decided to make something. @KaynineXL just need to slap your name on it
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