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  1. The New&Improved night crew..... oh wait Looking for: Bowser, Bloo, Kiz, Kanzo,  K9, Yang, everyone.
  2. Chipotle also switched over to the dark side shani, next thing will be in-n-out burger
  3. People let me tell you about my best frienddddddddddd @Goldeneyes [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  4. you got this homie \o/   EDIT: We're about to fusion dance so you can pass this with flying colors
  5. but i did tell you to watch deadman wonderland, which we both finished in a day
  6. lmao maybe i should stop telling you animes to watch if you're gonna finish them within 24 hours xD
  7. I feel the same way, if you cant tell by the beard on my character in my avatar ;)
  8. well it was that or a 31 minute video, and i already knew you wouldn't waste 31 minutes on a video :p
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