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  1. S/o Ploegy for keeping the art community alive and well
  2. thank god we still have Goldeneyes logging in daily so were not actually dead
  3. lol never making jj anything ever again
  4. waiting for SOMEBODY to acknowledge my JJ sig
  5. how everybody feels about this game
  6. Welcome to the school of Medicine. @DoubleJ
  7. lmao caught some free time in between class and was going to do them but then remembered i do all my photoshop on my desktop now. rip me.
  8. boyyyyy you already know i'm not playing, but that'll be a nice surprise if i ever log in again (unfortunately I couldn't get the "é" so settle for a regular e)
  9. just like that sleepy is dead again
  10. i got a good one coming sleepy
  11. lol i even logged on to mmo for like 30 seconds today. im really peaking
  12. first we need enough motivation to charge for sigs lolol
  13. inspired by sleepy yet again (3 sigs in less than a year, must be a new record)
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