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  1. inspired by sleepy yet again (3 sigs in less than a year, must be a new record)
  2. lets just make nonfont sigs, nomsayin
  3. lit edit: bout to make some fire bc of this revival edit2: @Sleepy couldn't get the font to look good so here is a nameless sig
  4. @Parke the goat of gambling
  5. Cant believe I actually had to join this shit just to say that both coolio and toast have moved on and are now hooked on fortnite w me.
  6. jokes i only play fortnite Fortnite IGN: Platoons
  7. Meh. Good sig, shit font. story of my life.
  8. - Epic name: Platoons - Platform: PC - Server: NAE -Season 5: 0.89 -Lifetime: 0.81
  9. @Ploegyhas some competition now
  10. got bored. decided to make something. @KaynineXL just need to slap your name on it
  11. @Kizhaz just mad he didn't make the noteworthy members
  12. Casually waiting for my security code to"log in on a new device" for almost 30 mins now. maybe returning back was a mistake...
  13. if your answer isn't @KingBowser, then its invalid.
  14. thats because you've probably afked 5k of those hours
  15. Tis a sad day when I had to get my MacBook reset back to factory settings and no longer have photoshop anymore. Nor is there a desire to redownload it, so farewell to this sig shop. Although I still have all of the sigs I've made so if anybody loses theirs, lmk.
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