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  1. @DoubleJ the GOAT (excluding bowser ofc since he's rip)
  2. She's alive
  3. That time we let Jovi join LYLE
  4. Should've kept it a secret and tried to get more than one tbh
  5. lol bilburt is kinda funny for being a poop
  6. I never actually save any renders. i just google them when i need something and for backgrounds i usually just look up background stocks possibly, gimme the details
  7. Still can't do font properly.
  8. I miss you :c

  9. Back from the dead just for a simple team change for my boy @LifeStyle
  10. back from the dead.
  11. i think we played csgo
  12. can't this shop just die like the rest of us already
  13. Sleepy dead, Platoons dead, Ploegy dead. Draekyn's our only hope to keep the sig shops alive