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  1. I'll be coming out of retirement and attending next months event.
  2. I tried my guy. my skills are washed
  3. Lmao they all asked me and then I went MIA for 3 weeks
  4. So basically this is fantasy football but with pokescrubs. sign me up
  5. @Parke is it as easy to kick daryl from PSL as it is to kick him from V4?
  6. why you gotta give me a render thats built like jovi
  7. IGN: Rigamorty Reason: So plat can make the best team sigs Other stuff: Best shiny trader NA
  8. Couldnt find any renders that worked. any other suggestions?
  9. coming soon. In the process of moving into a new house
  10. Here's whatcha get until i find a bastiodon render i can tolerate
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