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  1. Platoons

    Attention all gamblers

    @kevola im down to do a 3.5m flip if you're down
  2. Platoons

    Docs road to $1k

    @Parke the goat of gambling
  3. Platoons

    [Sig] [Art] Plat's Art Palace

    New sig coming soon (tm)
  4. Cant believe I actually had to join this shit just to say that both coolio and toast have moved on and are now hooked on fortnite w me.
  5. Platoons

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    jokes i only play fortnite Fortnite IGN: Platoons
  6. Platoons

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    wheres the inv
  7. Platoons

    Plat's Outdated Trash (comps)

  8. Platoons

    Plat's Outdated Trash (comps)

    Definitely meant tbolt but don't care enough to change it
  9. Platoons

    Plat's Outdated Trash (comps)

    throw me a price
  10. Platoons

    [Sig] [Art] Plat's Art Palace

    Meh. Good sig, shit font. story of my life.
  11. Platoons

    Plat's Outdated Trash (comps)

    Buy all this shit. Outdated; Aerodactyl(M): Jolly: 29/27/23/9/22/31. Rockslide/DE/EQ/Crunch. Arcanine(M): Relaxed: 29/30/28/27/28/29. Flamethrower/Crunch/Morning Sun/Toxic. Blaziken(F): Naughty: 30/31/31/30/22/31. SD/Low Kick/TPunch/Overheat. Breloom(F): Adamant: 25/31/21/23/27/31. SD/Mach Punch/Bullet Seed/Superpower. Chansey(F): Bold: 31/18/31/24/22/31. Seismic Toss/Ice Beam/Softboiled/Aromatherapy. Chansey(F): Bold: 26/25/29/28/25/31. Toxic/Ice Beam/Seismic Toss/Aromatherapy. Charizard(M): Adamant: 24/27/27/12/24/31. Return/T Punch/F Punch/Belly Drum. Cloyster(M): Bold: 30/13/31/30/31/25. Ice Beam/Spikes/Surf/Rapid Spin. Crawdaunt(M): Jolly: 31/31/25/31/26/31. DD/Crunch/Superpower/Crabhammer. Dugtrio(M): Jolly. 31/31/31/24/27/31. Reversal/EQ/Rock Slide/Substitute. Gardevoir(F): Careful: 24/28/28/16/25/30. Mean Look/Taunt/Disable/Memento. Gardevoir(F): Timid: 25/27/29/27/25/31. CM/Tbolt/Physic/Will-o-wisp. Gyarados(M): Jolly: 20/31/22/29/23/31. DD/Waterfall/EQ/Taunt. Gyarados(M): Jolly: 25/31/28/24/23/31. Waterfall/EQ/Crunch/DD. Haunter(F): Timid: 26/26/31/31/23/29. Sludge Bomb/Will-o-wisp/Sub/Shadow Ball Kingdra(M): Modest: 31/31/31/30/31/31. Surf/Ice Beam/Rain Dance/HP Electric. Heracross(M): Adamant: 30/29/26/18/23/31. Megahorn/Pursuit/Low Kick/Rock Slide. Skarmory(F): Careful: 30/30/30/15/23/31. Taunt/Toxic/Spikes/Whirlwind. Jolteon(F): Modest: 30/16/30/31/31/31. Wish/Protect/Tbolt/HP Ice. Jolteon(M): Timid: 31/31/22/30/31/31. Tbolt/HP Grass/Wish/Sub. Linoone(F). Adamant. 30/30/31/18/22/31. Espeed/Flail/Sub/Belly Drum. Magneton(N/a): Modest: 28/16/21/28/25/28. Thundershock/HP Fire/ Tri attack/Metal sound. Metagross(N/a): Adamant: 27/26/23/14/20/31. T Punch/EQ/Agility/Meteor Mash. Ursaring(M): Jolly: 24/31/20/20/31/31. SD/F Punch/Return/EQ. Vaporeon(M): Bold: 28/9/31/29/23/31. Surf/Toxic/Wish/Protect. Venasaur(M): Calm: 29/31/28/29/30/27. Synthesis/Giga Drain/Protect/Leech Seed. Starmie(N/a): Timid: 21/10/28/31/27/31. T Bolt/Surf/Psychic/Rapid Spin. Houndoom(M): Lonely: 22/29/28/31/26/31. Crunch/Sub/Reversal/Flamethrower. Salamence(M): Naughty: 28/26/27/25/29/31. Brick Break/EQ/Dragon Claw/DD. Trapinch(M): Adamant: 30/31/28/8/23/15. QA/Superpower/EQ/Crunch. Milotic(F): Bold: 31/31/29/23/31/31. Recover/Toxic/Ice Beam/Surf. Milotic(M): Bold: 31/28/30/29/31/30. Toxic/Surf/Recover/HP Electric. Weezing(F): Relaxed: 30/31/28/29/29/31. Sludge Bomb/T Bolt/Pain Split/Will-o-wisp. Slaking(F): Adamant: 31/31/25/19/25/31. EQ/F Punch/Focus Punch/DE. Ludicolo(M): Modest: 30/19/30/23/30/31. Giga Drain/Surf/Rain Dance/Ice Beam. Dusclops(F): Bold: 24/29/31/10/21/24. Will-o-wisp/Protect/Rest/Night Shade. Slowbro(M): Bold: 31/19/30/29/30/26. Surf/Psychic/CM/Slack Off. Marowak(M): Adamant: 27/25/18/27/13/31. SD/DE/T Punch/Bonemerang. Porygon2(N/a): Calm: 31/21/31/28/30/20. Recover/T Punch/Toxic/Ice Beam.
  12. Platoons

    [Tutorial] Sleepy's Tutorials | Finished

    back from the dead?
  13. Platoons

    [PMF] PokeMMO Meets Fortnite

    - Epic name: Platoons - Platform: PC - Server: NAE -Season 5: 0.89 -Lifetime: 0.81

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