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  1. Ayyyy thought you were DeadGrave kek

    1. Grave


      Yeah im less Dead than you, where the fuck you at


  2. Nope :P that's how i roll, i wanted to submit a black and white drawing and that's exactly what i did. PS: i like that picture tho, i'll steal it to use it as a wallpaper for my phone.
  3. I could color it, but i prefer black and white with shading and i can't submit something i'm not satisfied with XP
  4. Well here it is, i decided to keep it b&w because it looked more manga-ish. IGN: TatsuyaSuo. EDIT: I noticed my scanner cut off the tip of blaziken's wing/hair thing so i re-scanned it and uploaded replaced it with the corrected image.
  5. Ugh shading takes so long when you're sick and can't even focus x.x Still far from finished.
  6. For now it's just a basic sketch, gotta turn it into something awesome because it looks like crap without any shading lol
  7. Stuff like haze, WW and roar aren't only good against BP but also messes with anything that uses set up moves like DD, SD, BD, etc, (some people even struggle against common-as-f*** DD gyara because they don't even know what their roar tm even does) and there's plenty of things to even take advantage of set up, like encore to allow yourself to counter-set up/switch out/etc, some people just don't like/want to have to think outside their straight-forward meta and claim things are op when there's actually more than one counterplay which don't even require weird specific movesets or strategies, again, those moves prove useful for a variety of scenarios aside of just countering BP.
  8. You wouldn't be turning your base into a plantation (i think a limit as to how many flower pots one could have is a decent idea, maybe 3 pots maximum) and they certainly aren't forced to, the concept of expression is subjective to each individual (i say this being an artist myself) if you don't want berries in your base because of whatever reason you may have, then plant them outside and not on your base, and if it annoys you to see berries in other people's bases, don't forget it's their base and that is up to them to decide whether or not to have them there, it's almost as if i liked rock music and disliked hip-hop but still went ahead and listened to it just to then complain about how i think hip-hop is garbage, you made a valid point but we can't really talk objectively about something that is subjective by itself such as expression. Maybe comparing a secret base to an art museum is a bit odd since well, it's more like a personal hideout room, in a museum there's stuff made by many different people, and the museum itself is not directly bound to the things that are on display nor does it have any influence on the artists that produced them, while one's room/hideout/base has a bit of the owner's personality rather than someone else's and it does actively influence someone, prompting them to want to change something in the room for something else, of course not everyone will be pleased by the way the room is arranged, while they might be pleased after some things have been moved or changed because again, expression reflects one's personality, not that of others.
  9. 2014-06-20 If only i remembered how i even found this game :P i think i joined the forums in july 2014 but i'm too lazy to check.
  10. buy flower pots for planting berries maybe? if they forced us to have soil patches it would reduce the space we would have to place/arrange items, i mean even the berry plants can work as decorations, maybe make it so people can see planted berries in other people's bases but not being able to water or pick them up
  11. Mfw i never really wrote a proper introduction in the forums lol. In game name: TatsuyaSuo (duh) Join Date: Issued on 20-6-2014. Joined the Forums in 9-7-2014. Hours played: currently 2.265 and counting. Screenshot of your character: Well my character looks different everytime. Picture of yourself [Optional]: I look gay af there, i know. [spoiler] [/spoiler] Country where you live: Argentina. The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: [spoiler] [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgorjCQ6zS4[/media] [/spoiler] Your autobiography would be called: Nothing to see here. Current occupation: I build and fix computers for a living/Officially studying different languages and science related to communication/Unofficially studying psychology. Sweet or Salt Popcorn: Ewww popcorn. Your super hero power would be: Telekinesis or teleportation, because i'm lazy af. Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: my favorites are a tie between furret and espeon, and i can't think of a pokemon i personally dislike, i even think trubbish is cute. Favourite Movie: Hard to decide but the Toy Story trilogy has a special place in my greasy heart. Your favourite TV show as a kid was: Probaby Yu-Gi-Oh! Last meal you ate was: Roquefort cheese pizza.
  12. I assume it has to have been caught between april 1st - 8th?
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