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  1. png wil work. recolouring is easy: just select the existing colour then go to you colourchart and move only left/right that way you keep the same saturation and brightness. if you do that with all the existing colours you got your basic recolouring...
  2. Are you sure you have a decent sprite...  .jpg don't work... if you can fill a whole area with a colourbucket it should also work with the eraser. .jpgs change the pixels slightly which makes it impossible to recolour. Also pick your colour with the tool next to the eraser (in case you eyeballed the colour instead). If it still doesnt work it might be the version of your paint... i dunno if it works on older versions...
  3. hi and welcome. I'd probably have a blaziken too. Its a nice wallbreaker.
  4. i should probably say that i updated this 2 days ago.
  5. [quote name='Casssandra' timestamp='1360547533' post='192823'] Well of course it leaves a physical wound on the target, but its not how the target gets hit by it XD an easy way i remember it is, physical is using the pokemons physical strength and special is using something that isnt there own body, for instance flames or a hyper beam XD [/quote] Firepunch should be both, flames are not their own body but the fist is... nvm, its just not logical... thats be beauty of it
  6. [quote name='Patrick' timestamp='1360509692' post='192138'] Oh Glacius, who are you again? [/quote] [quote name='Glacius' timestamp='1360355783' post='190151'] I'm just an average killer instinct character. [/quote]
  7. [quote name='JPG' timestamp='1360505359' post='192111'] How about Nidoking? [/quote] oh i forgot him. hes the only one... and no match for a psychic type usually. when making a team you dont have to fear the only pokemon that can use a decent bug type move... [quote name='Casssandra' timestamp='1360507395' post='192126'] Well it kind of always got me a bit wierd that physical was always to me an attack that involved physical contact, and special, were well...special attack witout any contact, so when i see something like fire fang deal special, or flame wheel which the user cloacks itself in fire and charges deal special...always stuck me as wierd, also Dark attacks like bite and crunch, then moves like rockslide being physical oh it flipped me out to much to the point where i was holding my pokemon diamond crying in a corner rocking back and forwards XD [/quote] Well, to me any fire attack, a burn is a physical wound, being struck by lightning also leave physical wounds, as well as being hit by a rock which is rock element or beeing scratched which is normal, what if i get scratch with a rock? or if i throw a rock...that rock is a flying attack? and all is physical. even being hit by psychic telekinesis powers leaves a physical wound. the way you explain it physical = melee and special = ranged i think. to me theres not much that can be considered a special attack. maybe a confuse ray or hypnosis... but hey pokemon never made any sense btw why is megahorn a bug type move and not a horn type move? do only bugs have horns? most bugs don't even have horns.
  8. [quote name='Casssandra' timestamp='1360488043' post='191906'] well i like it cause of the amount of pokemon in the game, i literally can have a team of my favourite pokemon and get away with it ^^ i used to have a tornament winning team in diamond (before i knew all this stuff of EV's and IV's) which only consisted of a Leafeon, Tyranitar, Salamance, Floatzil, Lucario and a infernape XD but im a new gen girl, i learned the competiveness from gen 4 onwards, so stuff like Pokemon type decides whether the attack is Physical or Special kinda screwed me over a little in this game XD [/quote] i can barely imagine the game without phys/special split... gen 4 is a different game i would like some gen4/5 pokemon though im guessing its less predictable without phys/special split. Some pokemon like gyarados would benefit alot from that. it does make sense. actually it must be easier to predict whos physical and special cause you dont really need both stats if you can jsut get your attacks for the higher stat. If i look at the current meta... theres no level 50 pokemon that can learn a bug type attack with decent power...
  9. [quote name='JPG' timestamp='1360377026' post='190588'] Oh..ok.. ;_; [/quote] JPG! don't worry, you're a great format^^ [quote name='Safushio' timestamp='1360379270' post='190622'] Hi JPG, welcome to Pokemmo! [/quote] oh well äähm yes [quote name='Casssandra' timestamp='1360410924' post='190911'] hello galacious~ im fairly new to the competetive scene as well ^^ i know a lot about pokemon but the competetive side is just wow XD so much math and hidden numbers XD thank god this game lets you see some of them :3 [/quote] hey! Hidden numbers ... the best way to see a pokemons true strength is comparing its actual stats (level 30/50/100...the level you gonna use it on). Base stats give you a general idea how good the pokemon is but the relation between the stats change quite a bit with nature/evs/ivs also abilities and moves make a bit difference typing(stab,resistance,effectiveness)...and much more... theres alot to consider indeed. I like the way it is ballanced. Example: if you compare a water type with a grass type, you see the water type has way better resistances and usually has a greater movepool. So having a watertype is a much better idea in general. but because of that its a good idea to have a silly low resistance bad movepool grasstype to counter that powerful watertype. and you cant really compare single pokemon, you have to compare teams. I like it. Ofc theres ways around having a grasstype to counter watertypes. thats probably smarter in most cases. I just like that theres so many ways. Also more important that types in my opinion are other moves like sleep, meanlook, toxin... i'd probaply not make a team with a fire/water/grass core. oh yeah the same goes for fire types, they are mainly good for one thing, counter the awesome steel type.
  10. [quote name='Senile' timestamp='1360364502' post='190363'] [spoiler] [img]http://i.imgur.com/ZDuQeaO.png[/img][/spoiler] Like this, I assume. [/quote] Almost perfect, just less background. [spoiler] [img]http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/3799/160h.png[/img] [/spoiler]
  11. [quote name='HerpDerpBox' timestamp='1360362265' post='190308'] I bestow thee with the title ,Glacius the Art Teacher of Pokemmo. [/quote] Thank you HerpDerpBox! Gonna put it on my profile.
  12. [quote name='Edward' timestamp='1360362746' post='190317'] I can't seem to get my colors to fade like yours do, maybe saving in png. Form would help? [/quote] Yes. My colours dont fade. My sprites have very few different colours. JPGs make every pixel a different colour. Only advanced stuff like Photoshop has the option of 'tollerance' for colours. [img]http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/5066/160ij.jpg[/img] .JPG [img]http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/9977/160ld.png[/img] .PNG Also once it has been pixeled (made a jpg) you have to start over with fresh .png Sprites.
  13. [quote name='Senile' timestamp='1360358082' post='190218'] [img]http://i.imgur.com/mjHKYDV.jpg[/img] Am I doin' it right? (Yes, it's Banette + Azumarill) [/quote] Yeah looks fine. But id resize it. And before you do that save as a [b].png[/b].
  14. [quote name='Kimikozen' timestamp='1360356129' post='190165'] Glacius BROOOOO your so amazing!!1!!! Those sprites! Lol Anyways, welcome to Pokemmo! [/quote] [quote name='TWDaryl' timestamp='1360357860' post='190214'] Welcome! Enjoy your stay! [/quote] [quote name='Xiren' timestamp='1360359084' post='190244'] glacius reminds me of Glaceon, anyways welcome! [/quote] Thanks! [quote name='Edward' timestamp='1360359286' post='190250'] Hello Comrade I'm still working on that Charizard Sprite. I started work on a WigglyTuff one, it's not going so well. Looking forward to an update of your "Guide"! [/quote] I did finish it for now. Where are you hafing problems?
  15. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I figured it's time to say hi after posting for a while. What should i say about me... I'm Glacius (IGN Glacius). I stumbled over PokeMMO as i was on a frustrating search for a good MMO to play. I play since november (damn i wish i was there in august ) I play every once in a while, when i feel like it or when theres something new. (still working on my compeditive team, but farming bores me just too much) Im fairly new to compeditive pokemon but i know a fair bit about it by now. I also started making Sprites about a month ago. ([url="https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/11684-sprites-glacius-pimps-your-pokemon/#entry159761"]Have a look[/url]) I'm just an average killer instinct character. If you wanna get to know me feel free to PM.
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