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  1. I'm surprised this still isn't implemented on MMO. "Oops I did a mistake and picked the wrong move!", or if you blatantly just change your mind about that move and would like to pick a different move. I don't see any drawbacks in this. Let's get to work GM's :)
  2. • Theme About : The Purge • Your In Game Name : Murder • Login Screen : Moving • Your Team : ... [ LYLE ] • Type Theme : Cool • Style Theme : Default / Premium [ It's up to you] • Color Theme : Dark • Note : I prefer the guy with the mask that has "GOD", it looks pretty dope
  3. unnecessary work for the admins, they can utilize there time towards something else... besides this is a forum not facebook anyways
  4. Make me some of those godly posts, boi

  5. In game name:Murder Join Date:Sept 26, 2012 Hours played:1,786 Screenshot of your character: Love ya Sparkie <3 Picture of yourself: Shoutsout to KingBowser! Country where you live: New York The theme tune to a movie about your life would be: Your autobiography would be called: How to Murder Current occupation: Entrepreneur, Independent business owner, Forex Trader Sweet or Salt Popcorn:Sweet pls Your super hero power would be: Explosive farting cause wynaut: Favourite and Least Favourite Pokemon: I dont like Raticat
  6. Welcome bby, im the lightskin of PokeMMO #SideNggasAreWinning. Enjoy your stay pull up to the pms we can be great friends ^_^
  7. First lemme hop out the mo-f*king porch

  8. Where you beeeeeeeeeeeeen, you see me online and you never hit me up. You a ghost

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