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  1. As the Title says, I'm selling 300 Mudkips with Random IV's and Gender. I'm too lazy to list all on GTl, but i need Box Space. Make me a fair offer and they are yours 🙂
  2. The Mobile Version also works fine, it just seems it starts the Song 2 Times 1 Second after the first Launch. You can normally Hear just the second one started, maybe its just for Ur own pokemon.
  3. Will you make a Version for Android also?:)
  4. You shine, bro? 20 OT 540 Encounters Team Mr >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  5. Wanted to Submit my Best Gym Run in 1 Hr, lemme know if someone can do more somehow
  6. Breeding is the best Way to approach, but keep in Mind, it will take long, Costs much if u unlucky and takes big time dedication
  7. Fighting @Poufilouon Sunday GMT+1 on 9pm (+-1Hr)
  8. Facts. 18th OT ~8k Encounters Team Mr >>>>>>>>>>>>
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