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  1. Footage of someone using its power
  2. In this case yes, but it's ,,Jumping'' around like the johro trio so you gotta be fast to catch it
  3. Name: Funkykong Team Tag: ÄURA Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Shiny Salamence Render (Optional): Pvp/Battlefieldish :3 Theme Colors: Make it fit, like mcfit lmao Type of Artwork: Signature Animated?: Pls yes <3 Donation: 200k enough? I'm broke lmao Additional information: Pls make it as nice as the others are :)
  4. It's is literally just a battle team, which is originally in the games so i vote yes :)
  5. Name: Funkykong Team (optional): ÄURA Background (optional): Battleground/ PvP/Comp Fighting Area 'ish Render (Pokemon/Character): Shiny Salamence, Shiny Vulpix, Shiny Sentret, Shiny Rattata Scenery or Abstract (optional): Scenary Additional information (optional): Would tip you of course a good amount if you can make this since its hard :)
  6. Gallades movepool is so versatile and it has leaf blade coolest move ever so he wins for me :D
  7. Happened to almost everyone even ones I think, so yes :)
  8. McTermi

    Value Advice

    Value of Shiny Smeargle?
  9. @Ruak Now it's already yellow, it can't get much closer tho
  10. When u do Event on Alt tho, what a savage this rat https://gyazo.com/986fcba1e3899928ff6bbd832168aecd https://gyazo.com/9f61c2a8ff13bee8de8038ed88971738
  11. The fact that the game uses heartgold rom already for playing shows, that gen4 pokes can definetly be a thing in future just new region is gonna be some hard work tho. The screenshot with the shiny gen4 starter from desu (dont know name sry) shows in my eyes that its definetly possible :)
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