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  1. McTermi

    Where can I find Jumpeon?

    Footage of someone using its power
  2. McTermi

    Where can I find Jumpeon?

    In this case yes, but it's ,,Jumping'' around like the johro trio so you gotta be fast to catch it
  3. McTermi

    [Art] [Sig] Mayu's Signature/Art Shop

    Name: Funkykong Team Tag: ÄURA Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Shiny Salamence Render (Optional): Pvp/Battlefieldish :3 Theme Colors: Make it fit, like mcfit lmao Type of Artwork: Signature Animated?: Pls yes <3 Donation: 200k enough? I'm broke lmao Additional information: Pls make it as nice as the others are :)
  4. McTermi

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Nice to see my EV'ing pays off :D
  5. McTermi

    Pokemon Team Extension Ticket

    It's is literally just a battle team, which is originally in the games so i vote yes :)
  6. McTermi

    [Sig] Draekyn's Signatures

    Name: Funkykong Team (optional): ÄURA Background (optional): Battleground/ PvP/Comp Fighting Area 'ish Render (Pokemon/Character): Shiny Salamence, Shiny Vulpix, Shiny Sentret, Shiny Rattata Scenery or Abstract (optional): Scenary Additional information (optional): Would tip you of course a good amount if you can make this since its hard :)
  7. McTermi

    Petard's Pawn shop /eeveelution shop

    Need a hp ice jolt timid if you got one msg me
  8. Gallades movepool is so versatile and it has leaf blade coolest move ever so he wins for me :D
  9. McTermi

    B button to cancel a move in competitive battles

    Happened to almost everyone even ones I think, so yes :)
  10. McTermi


    @Kyu pls tell us
  11. McTermi

    Value Advice

    Value of Shiny Smeargle?
  12. This is how getting a shiny works for me here...4 ot's so far hehe ;)

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