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  1. Feeling a little better!

  2. Where have u been?

  3. Feeling a little depressed, sorry guys.

    1. Munya


      happens to the best of us, don't worry about it

    2. siarachan


      Thank you Munya!

  4. New team, have to work my way to the top again ahaha.

  5. It's Doggy Day! Be extra nice to your puppies!

  6. So as we know since weather was introduced, every round of every battle has to remind us that it's still raining (or other weather effect).   -What if it tells us the first round only? Then on subsequent rounds a 'rain icon' shows up to indicate that it is still currently raining.   The icon would go away if the rain stops, and perhaps one more notification could be sent in battle to let us know it stopped raining.   That way we are only notified twice during a battle per weather effect (at most), which would streamline battling, EV training, and egg move training greatly
  7. Happy Banana Split Day!!!

    1. TeamRocketHarry


      In Soviet Russia banana splits YOU!

    2. siarachan


      ... I should have seen that coming ~.~

  8. siarachan

    A safe!

    This idea keeps getting better and better! For those of us who need to transfer to other characters on one account, this would be a God-send.
  9. Now for you, Skarmory.

  10. siarachan

    A safe!

    Nobody in this thread got hacked (that I know of) ^^; Having an in-game safe would just be a bit more peace of mind for people with very valuable things. The game server could get compromised one day, you never know.
  11. siarachan

    A safe!

    It would be a treasure chest only your character can see and access, and only you know where you put it.    (Spamming the world with everyone's treasure chests would be awful!! Can't believe this game u speak of did such a thing.)
  12. WTB decent comp or breed for Snorlax and Skarmory

  13. siarachan

    A safe!

    Okay, how about a treasure chest you can hide somewhere in the world then? :P   I was vague on purpose about password options so the devs could design something interesting.
  14. siarachan

    A safe!

    Yes, a safe.   That way if someone hacks your account, they won't get your most valuable stuff.   You can put your shinies, best breeders, stash of money etc. in there in case of a break-in.   I see people who get their account compromised and they quit forever. This would help mitigate that problem.
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