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  1. One time a guy came to the support section to help get his game running on a computer from the late 90's. Asked kyu if it was even worth trying to update drivers, he said to tell him to but to warn him it may not work. It bricked his computer and he cam back on his phone to complain. "¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we warned him " was the official response.
  2. Redwings are old now.

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    2. Ploegy


      This is true


      Okay his salary is helping the yotes meet some requirement. There's that. Other than that he's doing whatever in the KHL

    3. Elkaroo


      If he still played in detroit they'd wouldn't be moving into a building called "little ceasers arena .

      Thats just sad. Like Detroit.

    4. Ploegy
  3. I forgot how to pokemon,now im stuck at the Elite 4 without any pokemon that can fly or swim.

    1. Munya


      roflmao, give me a minute I bet I have something somewhere to get you out of there.

  4. Hey

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    2. Munya


      Probably have better luck PM'ing his Youtube account, even then idk

    3. Strych


      tfw stairs tfw stairs tfw stairs

      he'll be back soon

    4. Emlee



  5. take that hat off m8

    1. Munya


      He took it off, he took it all off

    2. Safushio
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