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  1. Makes sense. Would give people who aren't necessarily into competitive play something more to do in a team. Could have special ranks tied to it, like the more someone does, their name changes color or something.
  2. [quote name='Cifer44' timestamp='1364400799' post='248704'] x_x Afros need to be a bit bigger. Too much back. [/quote] Stop The Music! I agree, they should be a bit bigger, and do look a bit weird from the back. Colorable sunglasses would be groovy though.
  3. Stop The Music! Reference Image: [spoiler][img]http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/b/be/MirorB.jpg[/img][/spoiler] 1. Type: Glove Just one glove on the right hand. 2. Type: Shirt This ones really a type of shirt. You know those options you can pick for the shirt when you first start the game (Sleeveless,top, sleeves.)? This one is basically sleeves, but with the back covered , like the jacket in the picture. 3. Type: Scarf (New slot perhaps?) Basically, a colorable scarf. Thanks for the groovy thread Darkshade! I'll see if I can make some makeshift sprites.
  4. [quote name='Jyles' timestamp='1361307619' post='203909'] Pokemon Crater [/quote] Stop The Music! Never Forget.
  5. Stop The Music! [img]http://i1322.photobucket.com/albums/u564/NinjaBlender/screenshot_1359671226_zps133ada02.png[/img] The Bug is that the Missingno (or as PokeMMO calls it "null") Should be level 0.
  6. [quote name='ArcadianAsma' timestamp='1359619760' post='178482'] @WandererMirorB I like your style. Any tips for navigating this newer, better, mmo? [/quote] Stop The Music! I cant really think of any tips to the new floor, but many things have changed to the dance floor since you last logged on. Mainly being the new chat, Custom Characters, In-Game Teams, and new story related things (E4, Game Corner, Islands) Once you know how to use those darling things, you should be set!
  7. Stop The Music! Ahh, I remember those times, darling. A lot has changed to the dance floor since the introduction of the Lucky Egg. Welcome Back! [quote name='ProfessorElderberry' timestamp='1359595211' post='178074'] Oh... the memories... that seems like only weeks ago... None the less, WB! [/quote] Fwhohohoho! I didn't know the Prof. has been playing for this long.
  8. Fuhohoho! Let The Music PLAY!

    1. Lucas


      let the music play indeed

    2. Kimikozen
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      Double Agreed

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