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  1. if not for that mistake in the sprite I would have fled shine...
  2. Hello guys   I bring today the translation of POKEMMO to EN I hope you enjoy !!   Link For Download:  http://www.mediafire.com/view/0vlm03fd59a04pr/strings_ptbr.xml   Hello guys bring to you a String in EN, always will be bringing here the translation updates as the  Updater PokeMMO, hope you enjoy!   Put down the String_ptbr file .xml and put this file in the directory the game on (date / strings) and then  enters the game and go on configuration game and switch to ptbr.   Try translated into roms pokemon fire red internet and emerald  rename the roms as those that are on the rom folder of the client pokemmo and the game will be ready with a translation "almost" 100%.     
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