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  1. mfw i realize my profile pic changes in the thread
  2. Appreciated! ❤️ edit: wait... wtf. So this is where all my old stuff went!!!! My phone saved my real account info, while my computer had no idea. This is the same person lmao, with a profile pic I drew 2 years ago.
  3. Hey there, nice to meet you! I just got back from a hiatus too!! I'm big on roleplaying too, I always think of a narrative for my characters in RPG games, haha. My current theme of her playthrough is that she's a rebellious kid that's wayyy too cool to make friends (beyond her pokemon), but her journey leads her to discover her dream of becoming a nurse. Would be totally fun to go toe-to-toe once I get her team together. Let me know.
  4. Art delivery~ Here you go! Hope you enjoy.
  5. this actually made me laugh outloud accepted! <3 You'll be quoted and/or messaged once I finish your art
  6. Alrighty~ Maybe we just see things different because I think art definitions have never been entirely linear. Chibi was the best way I could describe it since it isn't entirely based in realism either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. hmm I don't know xD i'd say chibi-inspired, cos my style did start from traditional chibi. but if the customer wants, I can do their art in traditional chibi, it's just not my main style/focus right now~
  8. yeah i'd say especially rn im drifting away from traditional chibi styles. Since I want my web comic to be accomodating to more mature moments that wouldn't be taken seriously if it were too cute xD
  9. WIP for @kaishoonta! It'll probably look like Glaceon more once I color it xD edit, for all ppl to know: I'm adjusting my style a bit in preparation for a web comic I'm planning. So hopefully its improving!! .. if not, feel free to withdraw your order during this transition ^^;
  10. Hmm, just wondering, are we allowed to drop the f-bomb once or twice? xD
  11. I think it'd be a cool, once-in-a-lifetime experience for those involved, but it does sound risky. It costs money to put up booth-- time taken off of work, transportation, printing any signs, booth merch, promotion, hotels. Even if people volunteer, they're paying for it. And what could pay them back? Volunteers would probably profit more from selling Pokemon fan goods than PokeMMO-specific goods.
  12. avyie

    RPG Discussion

    Right now, Fire Emblem series for 3ds. Almost done with Awakening, & in the middle of Birthright. Favorite RPG of all time: Bastion. edit: actually, probably a tie between Bastion and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games.
  13. i need a scientist to explain why this gif is so amazing OvebDFE.gif

  14. ?! i like my friends a lot!!!! but um.... love is a strong word!!! ur both gr8 ppl u do have some flaws like representing the patriarchy i.e. man-spreading shitposts all over of the thread but its fine, nobody's perfect <3
  15. I sent you a message but I'm not sure if it sent because its not showing up in my conversations; so here's your art, again xD no joking xD ur cool <3
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