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  1. shiny voltorb lottery

  2. Selling lots of comps n cool stuff

    name ur price sonny boy edit: my bad, only if jj isn't interested
  3. My first suggestion xD

    ??? :) u ok bro?
  4. PvP tournaments are horribly designed.

    Go play some pve
  5. Can we have all the moves working, along with the abilities ( and possibly some animations ) before you guys include anything new ? I also think items like Eviolite, Toxic orb, etc should be released way before Hidden abilities, and the Herbs should be working too. Edit: Forgot about Move tutors, give us those before you guys release H.abilities.
  6. Lots of comps for sale.

    Sold bunch of comps, Bump
  7. Lots of comps for sale.

  8. Lots of comps for sale.

  9. Lots of comps for sale.

    pm'd pm'd in game Adamant 27/31/26/x/28/31 Egg moves: Memento - Reversal - Screech
  10. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    So if we breed a female pokemon that has a hidden ability with a male, the chance of passing it to the egg, is it 100% or 60% ? I hope it's 100%, and honestly I had no idea how to obtain them in the original pokemon games until I checked recently. Yes, it is even more complicated than it will be in Pokemmo, plus the chance of passing it to the egg is only 60%, which if switched to 100% in Pokemmo, people should actually be grateful about this as it makes it much easier and less painful. Now, when tf are we getting the legendaries ? It has been years o_O
  11. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    How about including an NPC who will buy our old useless comps for 250-500k. Don't feel like grinding aka selling rp endlessly lol.
  12. Cheels' EVing Service & Store

    I need Atk + Speed + Lvl 50, can you do that ?
  13. Lots of comps for sale.

  14. Daryl's Shop wtb uu pokes

    I got this

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