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  1. x2 Community Combats a day

    Up to 2 CC's per day on two different timezones, including LC, Doubles, and Ubers. Pros: A reason to log on weekdays? Cons: Nothing I can think of at this moment.
  2. Lost, really bad hax first half of the match. gg.
  3. Vs Krillin in 30min~ or less.
  4. [PSL 8] Betting thread

    wins 2m, loses 3m, lmao u call that profit.
  5. Opponent who won first round may switch the items and/or some pokes with different nature / movesets, etc. There will always be a risk
  6. then we’ll have 10 tiers.. not sure if the next lyler host would want that lol.
  7. I’d really love to see this next PSL: -OU1 -OU2 -UU1 -UU2 -NU -DUBS -LC -DPP
  8. Too bad I already finished my studies, i could have offered some yen to someone to do my homework essays for me lol
  9. Can't we make it simple and either keep dubs bo3 or change it to bo1 ? I'd love to see the LC tier in the next Psl though, probably as a bo3 as matches are short and hax heavily affects the outcome?
  10. 2 more wins, leggo @Osuki @XPLOZ @Kanzo We got this =)
  11. You can always run Psychic instead of protect, if you're that afraid of Nidoking, hue?

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