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  1. Ay jj, im down for OU-UU-NU ( 100k each ) Holla at me later fam
  2. You know you want 8tiers when your week depends on someone who uses parasect on his NU match ( not gonna name drop )
  3. IGN: Lazaaro PokeMMO Team: [NĂ˜RE] Experience: Psl IV: Won it as a player. PSL V: Won it as a player. PSL VII: Eric fucked up, yet we did not bad. Motivation: I wanna be manager because I know I will finish Top 3, I know the community very well whether they're big names or rising future stars. I've seen "Moneyball" and I've witnessed previous seasons of PSL, I have an idea of which players I should get. With PSL being 8 tiers this time is a pro for me, I shall ensure to buy players who can guarantee us a win each week, my players will be polyvalent, as they will be able to play different tiers if needed, predicting the lineup won't be an easy task. I will also make sure there will be no conflicts among the team players, and I'm willing to help with practice and team building. There will be 3 players council including myself who shall validate players teams before playing a match to make sure there are no flaws. My team shall be called: " The Espadas " Fluff: Active, know my shit, will behave professionally. No attacks toward the host / council. No essays.
  4. Maybe you should pay your debt before quitting lol ?
  5. @LifeStyle @DoctorPBC We ready or what
  6. Sassy torkoal impish qwilfish hp grass buzz ada primeape lemme know if u got these
  7. Can we have an official everyday? Pretty much nothing to do in game
  8. My name is Laz and I give my consent.
  9. HMU when u on. You cant receive messages.

    1. Lazaro23


      Ite I just cleared my inbox fam

  10. OU1 OU2 UU NU Doubles (bo3) LC Showdown (Sun/Moon OU) Showdown (DPP OU) ??
  11. Burntzebra best zebra
  12. & 6v6 por favor :c