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  1. Lazaaro

    [PSL X] Playoffs Round One

    tl;dr rise is cancer
  2. Lazaaro

    [PSL X] Week Seven

    Mdr kel tarba
  3. Lazaaro

    Pokemon from other gens

    Here is how I see the priorities for now. 1- Fix Pursuit, and possibly some other moves that might still be broken. 2- Introduce Legendaries and hidden abilities dungeons. 3- Implement Gen4 region and / or its missing pokemons. 4- Implement Gen 6 and 7 regions ( or just its pokemons and mechanics ).
  4. Lazaaro

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    Hehe.. TRASH!!
  5. Lazaaro

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    Hehe.. sec checking "hof" for your achievements ^_* O..nothing there xdd Yes yes.. the lotus in very good.
  6. Lazaaro

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    Ha, wimp.
  7. Lazaaro

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    200k on sebat vs lotus 200k on me vs yettodie @RLotustake both ?
  8. Lazaaro

    [PSL X] The Salty Suite

    I see it as a link battle, jovi and life together vs gbwead in a double battle. Rofl I'd pay to see that happen
  9. Lazaaro

    [PSL X] The Salty Suite

    Uh.. where is jovi & lifestyle vs gbwead? That's all I came here for
  10. Lazaaro

    [PSL X] Week Six

    The laz has fallen, sad. x2
  11. Lazaaro

    Where can I find Jumpeon?

    If i were a Jumpeon, I wouldn't spawn to u, c u.
  12. Lazaaro

    [LC Discussion] Misdreavus

    Why was hydreigon complex banned instead of just being banned is what tilts me. Why can't we do the same in lc since it can clearly fix the problem.
  13. Lazaaro

    [LC Discussion] Misdreavus

    Welp if wow is banned on misdreavus ( the same way draco meteor is banned on hydreigon ), problem solved. But yeah not everyone can agree
  14. Lazaaro

    [LC Discussion] Misdreavus

    Like i said, once misdreavus is banned, gl stopping dynamich punch machop. Gengar and drifloon can be easily trapped by pursuit munchlax, scarfed dynamic punch has 50% to win against vullaby, and cb dynamic punch is a guaranteed 2hko so. Also jolly eviolite rock slide always hits, so vullaby probably wont be an answer to machop. So yeah, the consequences of banning misdreavus are terrible imo.

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