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  1. ( 100k each, taking once ) Empoleon Bonapartists (0) vs The Trashtalking Taillows (0) NU: Cristi - JuniorPT Dubs: Superman - IJulianFNT LC: Yeyoxd - PoseidonWrath M-OU: Schuchty - Bluebreath Sailor Lunatones (0) vs Nincadas with attitudes (0) OU2: THORRM - Abstractt UU: TohnR - Umbramol Dubs: Aldahirramirez - DocPBC Just Blaziken it (0) vs The Ruthless Rotoms (0) OU1: Lunarck - Darker OU2: Zokuru - Wrathend UU: Mlhawk - Huargensy @xSparkie NU: Kriliin - xLuneth @DrakeHope M-UU: Icekob - Mkns M-NU: Tawla - Stelian @LeJovi
  2. -5m Lunatones don't reach playoffs @Spaintakula -1m Taillows don't reach playoffs @Quint -5m Villains reach playoffs -1m Rotoms reach playoffs -1m Blaziken reach playoffs ( Taking only once) Edit: Only taking before the season starts
  3. Devs probably create 1 pixel per day
  4. •RealDevilLegend •Luke •Lotus •Jovi •Enchanteur •Jaawax •Imabetheverybest •Nowall/Sebat
  5. What drugs are you on? There are enough players in LC for matchmaking to be a thing, but @Kyu is just that lazy.
  6. Thank god you're not the one deciding on that.
  7. @Kyu is it envisaged ?
  8. @gbwead Congratulations!, i hope that made you happy, you really deserve it. How long was the wait, the suffering? For months and months I've seen Gbwead suffering, yet still doing his best to show the whole TC the threat that was Garchomp. This filthy broken pokemon was allowed by who? Nothing other than some incompetent TC members who were doing as they pleased, until gbwead finally found a way to bring their madness to an end, a heroic act indeed that shall be remembered by all the people that believed in the truth. You did it Gbwead, you finally did it! I'm happy for you, your sacrificed time wasn't in vain, you have a whole new life now that is Garchomp-less, congratulations once again.
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