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  1. I don't mind showdown tiers because they bring diversity, and also because they give us the chance to experience newer metas, DPP has been around in PSL since MMO was Gen2-3 right, we're Gen5 now, so what does DPP bring now? Shouldn't we rather have a Gen8 tier for the sake of updated mechanics and larger dex and movepool?
  2. -Can we add Gen8 LC to the showdown poll ?Showdown tiers shouldn't necessarily be OU, i remember a PSL season where we had gen 5/6 LC and it was really fun to watch. -The classic 10sec auction is much better. -Salary system is good. -Doubles ain't a tier, well done. -Forum polls are more accurate as you'd only need to worry about recently created accounts votes, while in the poll you created people can vote as many times as they want.
  3. Or maybe just do a heads or tails to save time
  4. A terrible con would be that matches need to start at the same time in every round, otherwise shuffling won't work, which means tournaments will last much longer, especially if some players are stalling because that is their only way of winning their games.
  5. We're getting legendaries that will spawn in custom dungeons, but no one knows when we will get them, it can be in 1 year, 10 years, only the devs really know.
  6. When I suggested banning Regenerator in LC, I took into consideration the fact that there has been a long ongoing trend in which there were attempts to fix the tiers without banning the actual pokemons. Exemples: -Banning the access to Draco Meteor instead of Hydreigon -Banning the effect of Sand veil in OU and not Garchomp. -Banning Arena trap in LC instead of Diglet and Trapinch -Nerfing Baton pass instead of banning it. I disagree with most of the decisions made so far, but i was simply coherent in the method chosen when i suggested a ban of Regenerator in LC, i also took into consideration the fact that Mienfoo "might" be useful in the meta, and might keep some balance, and the less the Pokedex entry is, the less fun it is. But we can't be sure until we try I guess. Therefore I'm in favour of a test-ban on Mienfoo / test-ban on Regenerator, whichever suit the devs as they're the ones who decide anyway, but the 70%+ usage is ridiculous and something should be done about it.
  7. I'm in favour of a test ban on Regenerator. As long as we don't have Hidden abilities, LC will still be a mess as some pokemons might seem overpowered such as Regenerator Mienfoo, while others like Regenerator Slowpoke, Foongus, Weak armor Vullaby etc don't get their chance to be used at their full potential. With HA's we probably wouldn't need to ban Arena trap on Diglet. So yeah, outdated MMO needs outdated mechanics, otherwise it's not that balanced.
  8. 2022: Hidden abilities 2024: Johto 2027: Sun & Moon 2031: X & Y ( yes they do them backwards ) 2033: Legendaries
  9. This git thinks he's the protagonist of some cringe weeb-shit and he's outsmarting you all with his traps, what a plonker
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