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  1. Rofl, nice one I really like your work, still much better than the cringe moemon mod
  2. BlueBreath - Gardevoirs of the Galaxy Enchanteur - The Dynamic MadApes MaatthewMLG - The Expansive Drafts Pachima - Top Keckleons Stelian - The Raging Noctowls xSparkie - Krafty Krooks Klan Zhiko - Los Espadas Aerun - The Beefy GOATs ( Greatest of all times ) next time just ask guys..
  3. Smh, whenever someone asks for something new in the game for the sake of diversity, like implementing legendaries etc, moral soldiers are like: "Nope, no fun allowed, here is why "
  4. IGN: Lazaaro Tiers: OU - NU - LC Something else to farm likes: I beat Coolio twice
  5. Just say you'll want your 100m back if you don't get picked and you're good
  6. Welp, the ideal would be having today's mechanics and the old playerbase tbh. The shittalk used to be classy and fun to read, now people with anger problems spread their hate on the forum for various reasons and call it a shittalk, how boring.
  7. I think attention might help you stick to the game, seek some more and you're good, gl. E: I doubt you do this to any other game, if you have a wishlist of suggestions you're always welcome to suggest them as everyone of us wants to see the game getting good, but i think you only play PVE so that's no surprise.
  8. I think the #4 and #5 managers will mainly have the advantage of always drafting in the middle of the round, which gives them more chances of drafting more available players than other managers if I'm not wrong. Since the draft order will be random so it will come down to luck and it's still fair imo.
  9. Snake draft imo makes the teams more balanced and gives the event more difficulty, there will be less easier teams to face. The idea of managers being able to play is nice for a change and changes many things. A polyvalent manager now would be able to fix any flaw in the team if the draft wasn't successful by playing the tier that lacks dedicated players, and that is a pro.
  10. Or maybe they just can't be arsed to ask random people every time they wanna play a match ( and most of the time only a few people respond ) while matchmaking is just a click E: lowering ranked sessions is a good idea btw
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