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  1. Except we got Team Preview, and Dugtrio poses the same issues in different tiers yet with TP being a thing it was deemed competitive, it is even allowed to take part of the usage rule and therefore keeps dropping to lower tiers. Gbwead's theory makes sense on paper but can be considered biased since he doesn't call for a test ban of Dugtrio as well.
  2. Just wait till Misdreavus gets Nasty plot via Gen4 Breeding, it will probably get insta-banned. Also Stunky checks Misdreavus really well with pursuit + sucker punch so, it will be up to TC to decide whether to ban Misdreavus or nah.
  3. Laz

    PokeMMO IOS

    Imagine buying a device that restricts all your freedom , and expecting to run things you like on it. Just get an Android phone guys, it's really worth the upgrade.
  5. @Munya Kecleons have FINALLY WON!!!!!!
  6. Next time ( if you host another event, I hope you don't tbh ) and the 2 teams somehow reach tiebreakers, just give the prize already to the team you're biased to to save everyone's time.
  7. I can finally afk in PUBG in peace. Let's go Kecleons !!!
  8. @Kyu @Desu @Squirtle @Darkshade @Rache pursuit fix > dungeons + h.a + gen4 updates.
  9. Seriously, it's the only fix that matters atm. @Kyu you have been answering all the new players questions recently, so please don't dodge me for the 4th time and tell us if it will be fixed on the next patch, or should we just give up since it is somehow too complicated to fix, ty.
  10. @Kyu may I ask if Pursuit ( failing against Volt switch/Uturn ) has been fixed on this patch?
  11. nice, let's give this a read b-but isn't RMT forbidden mate? i don't see how this makes psl good, it doesn't make sense but i'ma keep reading anyway seems kinda complicated and undoable tbh
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