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  1. I'm down, let's fix a time ^^
  2. Anyone who eats at McDonalds deserves everything that has happened to him. Please give better metaphors next time kek.
  3. @RysPicz lol. On topic, Togekiss is fine with team preview, let's just make staff rush and give it to us asap, it has been forever m8, banning it would be a step backwards imo.
  4. Funny how people beg the devs for ridiculous rewards ( 20k, items, etc ) Just shows how annoying it is to grind atm.
  5. Laz

    We need content.

    We need legendaries, hidden abilities, Team preview and someone to host the next PSL.
  6. Welp, a few years ago it was a dream. I honestly thought it'd be too difficult to make, but you guys made it happen, the funny part is it runs in Unova smoothly at 60fps, better than Mac OS which was like 14fps for me. I personally stopped playing this game on my laptop for like 4 months now, and I actually find it easier, faster and much funnier to play on Android rather than on pc. Welp I only posted this because I've seen appreciation threads before, but none about the android app yet. So yea, thanks devs, the only thing left now is to make the shiny rate fair, and implement dungeons / HA asap please ^^
  7. C-can I have your stuff before you leave?
  8. Laz

    Hi kyu, plz read my pm 

  9. Laz


    Probably bug fixes, dungeons update should probably need more than 1-2 hours to get tested. I hope I'm wrong though.
  10. For how long ? I can't sell stuff nor buy breeders from the GTL, can we at least know for how long it'll be down?
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