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  1. Was just responding to that meme above, but have a nice a day and stay safe, cuz we need to see more of your dumb pokemon posts.
  2. Only idiots consider their opinion to be a fact.
  3. Android phones with snapdragon chipsets 800 series can emulate pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon at full speed, i think the devs might add Alolan region in the future but it would take years as their hands are already full with finishing Unova/Sinnoh and probably dungeons as well.
  4. I'm for a test ban on deepseatooth + Arena trap + Regenerator + magnet pull ez
  5. Doesn't need reasoning tbh, even mantine can lose to rose after rocks / poison / hidden power, also seeing zoroark's atk+sp.atk+speed+huge movepool+its ability, no one sane would suggest allowing it to drop to nu even if it's by usage.
  6. I'm talking about official tournaments prizes, not story-gift pokemons.
  7. Would be fair to introduce a new item that helps evolving gift pokemons that need to be traded to evolve.
  8. Thanks for the season Delicious Donphans, it was really enjoyable. you're all great and skillful, I'm proud of your achievement! @RLotus @Umbramol @EpicVerde @MadaraSixSix @Kiirito @SejuaniSupport @Lluvvia @BurntZebra I hope we get a chance to work together again, ( highly doubt I will afford you this time seeing your performance ). Good luck to Luke and Frags for the finals! May the best couches win!
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