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  1. Credits: Fuwuii, gyromiteMantid, yorumosukemono
  2. It's probably going to be updated when the Chimchar Line gets remade. We actually pretty much have the other two starters ready, but it would be strange to leave just chimchar left behind.
  3. Sorry. Lucario is the most popular pokemon outside of Kanto, but all the current spriters are genwunners.
  4. There's supposedly going to be a new version out soon. We do have some custom dialogue, but most of the translation would be in the official Spanish Firered, as well as the later games for moves and abilities. For our custom dialogue, it's mostly flavor text. All that really matters is that it sounds good in the target language.
  5. The ledgendaries aren't supposed to be easy to get. Regardless, exploring the game isn't too much of a challenge if you're looking for moes anyways.
  6. That's not a priority right now. Kanto can only take so much firepower.
  7. Happy Pokemon Day! The next MMFR update depends on Unova sprite progress, but we're happy to turn our attention to Sinnoh.
  8. Any Unova fans out there? We could use some new artists right now. x Sorry for jpg, but this is a huge image. Sprites are on the server
  9. We just don't have an "Icon Guy" at the moment. We don't even have art credits up to date.
  10. We could use help with icons. That's been a pretty neglected part of this project. Considering how actually doing Sinnoh starters took forever, what we progress on is somewhat random. However, the next MMFR update will have lots of new and interesting moes, including one more Gen 8 evolutionary line, as well as a bunch of Gen 5 ones.
  11. Fantaseed has created a patch to Play Pokemon AshGray, but with Moemon! Moemon Game Showcase Moemon AshGray(file) You'll need the normal Pokemon AshGray to patch https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=180722
  12. You have to make hex edits to a specific version of A-map. This version of the game is nearing the end of devolopement.
  13. New version. Here's some bidoof reactions https://clips.twitch.tv/CogentLuckyPieCclamChamp https://clips.twitch.tv/CuriousBitterHerringCoolStoryBob https://clips.twitch.tv/FaithfulTenderChipmunkHotPokket
  14. Mega Emerald 0.4.1 is available on the Discord. Still an early version with lot of bugs to find.
  15. There's a major sprite deadline for Mega Emerald on the 17th. Lots of spriter activity is going on.
  16. Hotfix was produced a couple of days ago. Still short one awesome horsegirl. Bug that was fixed:
  17. I mean the community that actually makes this. A lot of changes and additions are still being made even though we don't work here anymore.
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