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  1. Septentrion

    [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.0)

    Back at rock tunnel. Rare encounters are nearly everywhere, and that's the one for rock tunnelm So a lot has happen on the discord, although I can't mention everything becuase a lot of stuff is not gauranteed. We got a new Piloswine, Leafeon, and Latios. The update will happen on the 18th.
  2. Septentrion

    [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.0)

    I do A-Z sorting. I have Finals next week so I can't be as helpful as I would like.
  3. Septentrion

    [Art] Cinnamon's Shop

    It's too bad I don't have any in-game currency.
  4. Septentrion

    [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.0)

    So, are you going to continue working on them?
  5. A lot of people seemed interested in moemon version of existing hacks. You should try getting in contact with the authors to see if you can get a sanctioned version that can exist for the public, even if they aren't hosted here.
  6. It's a method of identifying unique files. You can find out the hashes in Windows 10 for any file by checking properties. This is just to identify if you got the wrong Firered Rom. There are ZERO bugs that this patch creates if everything is done properly and unclean Firered Roms on the internet are likely the breakpoint.
  7. No version of the game has a corrupted player's room. Could you share the CRC32 hash of your "clean" ROM? Also, your save file should work in Otherplayer's Moemon Firered, Moemon Leafgreen, or even on the nornal Firedred. You can defeat Bruno in normal firered and go back to meomon by changing file names. I have a feeling that your savefile isn't going to be formatted to save after the elite four. Here's how properly save for VBA. Under Option>Emulator>Save Type 1)Automatic 2)128k Flash fixing saves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIhAVH1yMG0
  8. Septentrion

    [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.0)

    I believe an update with Latios is soon. That's a fair point. I might change requirements. Lowing the requirement could be a quick fix. A proper re-vamp is a too far in the future. The red eyes are a smug. It doesn't work at all with shiny durant's green eyes. The nails at the top could be cut off for more height if you want to try some body work.
  9. Septentrion

    [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.0)

    I prefer to see more backs before having to decide anything. Also, we are trying the discord made in the other thread https://discord.gg/cNy74Br
  10. I don't know where else this massive community Moonpepper is talking about is.
  11. As far as I'm concerned, you don't need my permission. I'm definitely interested to see if it lives up to it's merits. Like, would an influx of people from /vp/ result in more sprites or even a new game?
  12. While there should be a more inclusive avenue for help, we don't need "ideas." I would expect work to be done. I know of no moemon server that exists.
  13. Septentrion

    [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.0)

    The headband is a good idea. You could make it a bit wider by bringing the hair up. @Leafjewel I guess both Latios and Latias are going to get an update, although I think Latias need more work. Do you not like the edit to Latias's proportion? Also, maybe the old dragon ears look better. Could you work in [email protected] wings? Latios is much bigger than your Latias and a bit bigger than current Latias. His legs are noticeably thicker. I thought that was the little brother version. I'm not sure, but did you move the knee of Mega-Latias?
  14. Septentrion

    [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.0)

    I think your Latios wins out with that back. Edit: back to the dragony sprite?
  15. Septentrion

    [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.0)

    By finishing Latios's sprite.

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