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  1. There's a major sprite deadline for Mega Emerald on the 17th. Lots of spriter activity is going on.
  2. Hotfix was produced a couple of days ago. Still short one awesome horsegirl. Bug that was fixed:
  3. I mean the community that actually makes this. A lot of changes and additions are still being made even though we don't work here anymore.
  4. I swear I'm the only person in the community that remembers this place exists. New Update!
  5. Mega Moemon Emerald Moemon sprites for all encounterable Pokemon. All non-legendary or mythical Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. As well as a small selection of mons from Sinnoh and beyond. Many evolution methods from Gen IV and beyond have been implemented, including mega evolution. Please understand that sprites are the limiting factor and so not every Moemon can mega evolve or evolve into a cross generational evolution at this time. All trade evolutions have been removed and replaced by other methods. See the ChangedEvos.txt for more information. For convenience, all evolution methods that rely on time of day have an alternative method in addition to their usual method. Levelup learnsets and egg moves are based on Gen VII. The daycare has not been updated at all, however. Items, moves, and abilities up to Gen VII are possible. All moves and abilities updated to Gen VII standards. Wild Double Battles can occur on land ~15% of the time (requires 2 or more mons in party). Hidden Abilities can show up on any Moemon ~10% of the time. The shiny rate has been quadrupled to 32/65536. All Moemon have a shiny form. Physical-Special Split has been added. Inspect your Moemon's moves in the Summary Screen to see the icons. Fairy type has been added and retroactively applied. Type Effectiveness Chart has been updated to Gen VI+. Reusable TMs. ...And more! We are on version 0.1. It's only on the discord because it's not ready for a casual audience. For instance, Saves will not carry over on updates.
  6. The Eevee Patch with C wasn't working. A new zip has been made.
  7. It should be fixed now, but I'll leave the old one up.
  8. I'm sorry, but this might take a while to fix. I will put up an old version that allows Chariazrd to Megaevolve.
  9. The b update is because of bit errors in trainer data making the trainer have the wrong moemon(including the ?? Missingno). Should be good now according to the 1.1.8 maker.
  10. New Update. NPC rework, including trainers. First update of 2020. Many new Moemon! Mega Altaria, Honchrow, and Yanmega included. Dragonite source discovered for those who can't tell what she is wearing.
  11. That is not the reason. JPG do not preserve the infomation of the sprites.
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