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  1. 1.1.5d update. Also, StephofAnime did a charity run with Heartgold. Miltank spoilers: https://clips.twitch.tv/ModernAuspiciousWaterWoofer
  2. Although not as updated as Mega, Heartgold and Platinum has both been updated this week. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bRdDbovUARU87RFb7nA_JQSbJK2Dmj3T
  3. This feedback is from Leafjewel Amaura is not recognizable. The ribbon shouldn't be pure yellow and should look more like Amaura's fins.
  4. you made her wings higher and chest smaller in the back sprite.
  5. These sprites have been worked on" Soulja Somemilk GARCHOMP's Garchomp might be worked into Gabite.
  6. Leafjewel created a to-do list B means the backsprite needs work.
  7. People are already fighting over your Volvarona. It's really good. How would you feel about a dark skin shiny? Cinccino is too short and should be an adult in context. It's design is very good. My attempt at cinccino is on the last page but unlabeled. We are now work on a different Lucario. Yours is closer to what we would accept for Riolu. We present 100% male pokemon like braviary as male in moemon.
  8. We are currently using the small one's base as Mime Jr.
  9. New Heartgold and Platinum. http://www.mediafire.com/file/w5ngrnwa6pza6h5/Master_Folder_for_Moemon_Platinum_%26_HeartGold_Patch_v4.5.zip/file For a while, Gen 4 games haven't been updated, but every mon should have been replace, and all but much of Gen 4 should have greatly improved quality.
  10. A new Moemon Emerald has been created with the help of many on the Discord. http://www.mediafire.com/file/4u34h2m4rhagfat/New_Moemon_Emerald.zip/file
  11. I'm going to have to reorganize the OP. I feel like most people on the discord forgot about the forums. Someone create new versions for Heartgold and Platinum for patching. Hopefully, patching DS games should be much easier soon. Artwise, we haven't done a lot in Sinnoh, but the spriters' attention has turned forward in recent times. There is much to gain be joining the server, although we aren't as organized as the Gen4 patches are in #general's pins. https://discord.gg/cNy74Br
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