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  1. It's been a while since an update. Will the prototype be out soon?
  2. IPS, not a pokemmo mod. It would be something that could have any moemon sprite from any generation. It would give artists something to do with moemon like the Revival project. Art was being posted all the time in that thread.
  3. I hope it isn't in the same way I am doing(I just went up to the first 35). There could be a lot of unnecessary overlap. I could show you with a PM. About 80 sprites set are scope of the first three generations.
  4. No. The thread was renamed two year's afterwards. I have sprites moemon sprites 1-26 and various others. How are you getting the sprites anyways?
  5. Most of the sprites can be ripped from 2.0, but there are better versions of certain sprites. I'm trying to track down the best for the mega-moemon project I'm working on. For example, 2.0 doesn't have a better Abra to rip even though one was worked on:
  6. Those are very little percentages. Wouldn't .1% be less than a sprite? Is this related to the old project and wouldn't those sprites help?
  7. All of them(494 to 649) A decent trick to get quality first forms is to fuse and old first and second forms with the second form as a base. However, there aren't even old versions of many of these for gen 5. Here's one full line of some normal type, Snivy, Serperior, and two emboars. Remember that you got 14 extra pixels each direction for the large moes.
  8. I don't know if anyone is actually working on anything right now, but the two skills most likely to help are sprite ripping and sprite art. HeavyMecha was working on the sprite rips last I heard. For B/W 80x80 of the Unova starter lines. Any fifth gen pokemon in 80x80 would be helpful. OtherPlayers hasn't said much and I don't blame him/her with the lack of sprites to work with. I won't be able to work on the mega386plus project sooner than Summer. The most helpful thing would be 64x64 Megas of the Kanto starters. The ROM has 802 slots already so I won't be pushing any limits soon.
  9. I think the best approach is just to reposition and repose rather than resize. This would be much less work and allow more moemon to stand. It's better for retaining the art style. It would allow allow some larger moemon in the long run, like Serperior and Dialgla being a figurative seven or eight foot tall.
  10. I thought that there was a base ROM or method to remove sprite animations. There are a lot of interesting designs in the collections for Gen 5 even if the sprites are too antiquated. Lots of science will get us a long way. B/W has the disadvantage of not have many of the previous pokemon so past work wouldn't be much of a boon. Do you plan on having Moemon B/W manually populated by past generations?
  11. There hasn't been a push for DS sprites of any type so I don't think anyone's actually considering that anymore.
  12. This is the worst timing for me to work on a new project. I can understand people being sick of Heonn and Kanto so dumping hundreds of new moemon into Kanto my not be the solution. The next moemon will probably still be in the third generation engine even if it was called Moemon Black and White. There might even be a BW firered remake soon for all I know. There's a empty johto extension of Firered, There's at least one working remake of Sinnoh. Also, if the next Official game are the forth generation remakes, then I would wager that Sinnoh > Unova.
  13. I should have saved the mega-evolution thing for today. In this age 96% of the work of making moemon is artistic. There are many firered candidate ROMs to implement all the possible moemon one could want, some with up to more than thousand slots total. I guess generation 4 hacking is out of the question. The work to progress ratio is still too high, with the technical bar being above what most hackers can do. I know nothing about gen 5 hacking.
  14. The sets past Generation 3 are very incomplete. I only bothered with three of the sprites in generation 4 because most of theme are significantly under the standards of moemon 2.0. There are only a few Generation 5 sprites in existence. It's not as much of a goldmine at this point. As for Ruby, the sprites in the Firered 2.0 hack might be taken from the ROM by hacking, but that's more of a Moetal thing than a McMagister thing. Recreating MOemon Ruby from scratch wouldn't be impossible with the right tools. Only a few sprites need to be fixed, right? I don't see the issue if you have the hack.
  15. Tried something new. A lot of the icons are really outdated. The newer image is two different attempts. It's Latias, and I don't even recall a sprite that looks like the original icon. Is there something about pokemon Icons I don't know about? My edits get pixelated with I try to insert.