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  1. Also, this LPer is making lots of cool thumbnail art and she is updating at a reasonable pace.
  2. It was only made for one version of mega and there wasn't a lot of interest. It was a small experiment and I don't know of any LPs of it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/chxq9bsxr77v45f/MegaMoemonFR116c.zip/file
  3. Updated wrongly inputted data. E4 probably tougher now
  4. There's a Patreon for the artists in the Opening Post. Also, a challenge patch has been added to the Mega Download for more hardcore players.
  5. New bugfix soon. Clear Smog on a flying moemon WILL cause a crash, and a few opponents know Clear Smog. Yanmega's not made yet.
  6. About 30 moemon have been added, including two new megas.
  7. 1.1.5d update. Also, StephofAnime did a charity run with Heartgold. Miltank spoilers: https://clips.twitch.tv/ModernAuspiciousWaterWoofer
  8. Although not as updated as Mega, Heartgold and Platinum has both been updated this week. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bRdDbovUARU87RFb7nA_JQSbJK2Dmj3T
  9. This feedback is from Leafjewel Amaura is not recognizable. The ribbon shouldn't be pure yellow and should look more like Amaura's fins.
  10. you made her wings higher and chest smaller in the back sprite.
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