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  1. The Eevee Patch with C wasn't working. A new zip has been made.
  2. It should be fixed now, but I'll leave the old one up.
  3. I'm sorry, but this might take a while to fix. I will put up an old version that allows Chariazrd to Megaevolve.
  4. The b update is because of bit errors in trainer data making the trainer have the wrong moemon(including the ?? Missingno). Should be good now according to the 1.1.8 maker.
  5. New Update. NPC rework, including trainers. First update of 2020. Many new Moemon! Mega Altaria, Honchrow, and Yanmega included. Dragonite source discovered for those who can't tell what she is wearing.
  6. That is not the reason. JPG do not preserve the infomation of the sprites.
  7. That's a decent composite, but Lopunny is a moemon a lot of people have opinions on. You should join the discord server and maybe use some different bases we have. Also, NEVER save as JPEG when doing pixelart. The PNG format is needed.
  8. There's a huge battle data update that's most of the way done. It might just label 1.1.7c, but the entire game's movesets is being checked and rebablance. It's someone else working on it, but they are very active in the community. Look out for new moves on the moves tutor in the next update as well.
  9. She's one of the few who should still be updated in the drive. She hasn't been worked on in a long time.
  10. @CrookedWings427 We are getting a new Kingdra. Are you okay with Old Kingdra becoming Dragalge?
  11. If the link isn't right, someone should say something
  12. Huge update today! We now have over 400 good moemon sprites not counting Megas. As for megas, we added 2 bringing the total up to ten. Please consider the becoming a patreon support with the link on the first page.
  13. Can you? We don't have the tools and don't even know if the tools ever existed. Also, Master Rumi posted this last week if you want to get started:
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