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  1. [IPS](99%)Mega Moemon Firered 2018

    Alright, I've inserted a bunch of stuff. It's short the Johto Beasts and the Unown.
  2. Is pantlessness a placeholder? Blaziken's form is impressive. Well, I did an outfit for Bagon. I'm not good with the little ones. Not project related because zero ideas for Shelgon.
  3. [IPS](99%)Mega Moemon Firered 2018

    We haven't worked on Steelix recently. I've had some trouble with Mega-Beedrill's armor. Maybe the hair shouldn't be armor colored. The frontsprite will probably have to conform to the current backsprite. I don't know what you mean with Zubat, but the stone will be fix for December's version. You'll have to find answers elsewhere in the forum. I can't help on the technical aspects. Someone else has to create the mod, with a new thread.
  4. I suspect an entirely new IPS based on Black or White must be created for this to work with PokeMMO.
  5. [IPS](99%)Mega Moemon Firered 2018

    I did some testing. I'm going to need to remove the Elite Four roadblock as it triggers with the national dex. I don't think anyone will miss that. I would like to note that the drive has lots of Unova starter sprites to work with, especially the tepig family. There's quite a bit to work with, especially if going by the 80x80 stardard for the B/W ROM. Is this technically feasible?
  6. [IPS](99%)Mega Moemon Firered 2018

    Ledain and Breloom use the same base and still have the same top. Changes should happen to one or the other. It should probably be Ledain so she can look more like a ladybug. @KidVillero You don't have to remove your images that much. It's rather easy to lose art that way. @Dictionary I have the breloom with 13 colors. I'll allow backsprites without the frontsprite's wings(I think moetal allows the same). It is a rather big stumbling point. The regular Ledain has 18 colors, although it seems to be a matter of having two duplicate colors.
  7. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Well since the quote was within 2 month, the first month wasn't planned in all likelyhood. The means the range is 31-60 instead of 1-60 which would give a mid point of 45 days and not 30. You may start complaining in two weeks.
  8. [IPS](99%)Mega Moemon Firered 2018

    A lot of "not in patch" is not updated. Some of them are put in directly. I'm going to focus on making water environments more interesting. The only real issue I have with your Wailord is that the necklace is too tiny for the resolution. I was wondering if there are other changes you like to consider.
  9. [IPS](99%)Mega Moemon Firered 2018

    Updated to finally include the last mega starter and Moetal's Treecko family. I did some work on Sevii replacements as well.
  10. [IPS](99%)Mega Moemon Firered 2018

    You've got the palette wrong every single time, and your normal sprite used only 11 colors. Your shinies don't match your normal version so those images won't even work. I'm telling you right now, don't post with shinies. Use a full 16 color palette on the normal sprites. As of now, your making different mistakes across all four sprites, such as transparency pixels being used around the eyes. Fix the colors. use a full pallette on the sprite, and don't post a shiny version. As of now, the eyes and mouth would be a good place to start adding colors.
  11. [IPS](99%)Mega Moemon Firered 2018

    @KidVillero You should wait until posting with a shiny. It's extra work if you don't have the normal sprite made properly, and it seems to be interfering with your work. A X2 magnification of the normal sprites is the typical posting practice. Your full sets of both moemon has just 16 colors. This is not necessary. The normal gets 16, and the shiny gets a different 16. Work on just the normal sprites with a full 16 colors. Leave the shiny out of it until the normal version is approved. I haven't found the time before now to really get into your images. Other than telling you that you have more colors at your disposal, there's the work you have done with even with the unneeded limitations. I like were you're going with the new head, but as a sprite this is very bad. You have a good idea with the new pose, but the sizes are all wrong. Most parts of the body need to be bigger, and the "Backsprite" body is less than half the sizes of other moemon's backsprite. You got to get with the style. Study the newer sprites more. I see a great problem with the linework on the backsprite, and general pixel clustering. Sharp turns, 2x2 pixel groupings, and unnatural straight lines are all noticeable even to a casual player. Pixel art is basically an illusion, and much of the back needs work to look natural. Her backsprite's eye should be bigger, and I mentioned that her hips are too exaggerated. Edit: Masquerain's leg do need to be improve, but it's close to getting in actually.
  12. [IPS](99%)Mega Moemon Firered 2018

    I hate having so much to do. No new art or in depth analysis. @ZeeBaka That's a good design. The necklace is too small of a detail. The wings may be too wide to spread, so proiritise the body in the sprite. @KidVillero In the Backsprite, the waist and hip ratio is a bit huge.
  13. [IPS](99%)Mega Moemon Firered 2018

    Something horrible happened on a technical level. Only 15 colors exist on the entire image, and the shiny has the transparency color throughout. The normal and the shiny separately have a 16 color limit, which doesn't apply to the whole 64x265. Artistically, the legs could be improved.
  14. [IPS](99%)Mega Moemon Firered 2018

    Tuesday's ROM will have have lots of moemon added without quality adjustment. The Sevii Islands just can't have unchanged pokemon running around, even if we don't focus on it. The ones that need improvement will be easy to identify in the future. Excellent work with shinx. I have made changes to Luxio and Luxray since, but that was too small of news for any post.
  15. [IPS](99%)Mega Moemon Firered 2018

    I'm working on mass inserting Sevii sprites. Ledian may need some work, and Donphan makes me sad, but I going to insert a lot of generation 2 pokemon.

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