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  1. She needs more blue for her lapels in order to match the backsprite we have. I think you went overboard with the spoons.
  2. I was talking specifically about mega Charizard, who's currently crammed left.
  3. The new Mega Charizard looks a bit smaller than Charizard, although that could be fixed by making the horns smaller or have her squatting be lower. Also, why hasn't anyone moved the sprite to the right? I still like current Alakazam and don't think it's too different, but new Alakazam has it's aforementioned merits. Current Alakazam could become a mega.
  4. Good job on matching Venusaur up with the others saurs. The magnemite's hit needs some shine. The is an Abra backspite I made that's currently inserted that probably low quality. I think Pinsir doesn't show up until after that half way mark and I don't remember Krabby being early either. Those aren't as urgent.
  5. I"m a bit more concerned about early-midgame moemon, like Kadabra and Magnemite. I didn't expect the Megas to have made this much progress before those.
  6. I'm willing to work on megas and their normal icons to make them special. These small ideas can amount to a lot of work. Also, if you can just capture a moemon with a heart, and then what's that supposed to mean? Legal age?
  7. I can't get moetal's idea to work. There's like three grays available at any time. @Leafjewel What about moemon that never evolve? It would be nice if I could add a heart to the final Evolutions, but then it would be a bit unfair to pokemon that could never earn a heart. Maybe a border that signifies that a Mega evolution is possible in the current game could be done. Anything else would just be creator's favoritism.
  8. That thought has not crossed my mind. However, I have considered a special theme to Mega Evolution icons. The incessant winking or blinking would not look good for a full party. Did you might them disembodied heads or was there a border?
  9. I seem to be having a problem like that with Venusaur, where there seems to be 18 distinct colors.
  10. It just seems a few of those Hitmontops were too tan compared to all the other forms. It doesn't have to be an exact palette match. Something should probably be done about the ribbon tail if charizard is going to be worked on more. I do not think this pose will work for this design. The lapels are not visible and she has too much on top of her head to be sufficiently large. The wings are also going to be a issue blocking the character or being too low res.
  11. I'll get to work getting Moetal's Venusaur and Blastiose down to 16 colors. (edit: could someone do Charmeleon in the meantime?) Are we sure we got the Hitmon eyes size right? HItmontop's skin palette should be close to hitmonlee.
  12. I don't think it'll change that much until some major decisions are made. Here's what I have: [0005] name = Pokemon FireRed (E) gamecode = BPRE numberofpokes = 1020 pokebasestats = 0x80fe34 pokebasestatslength = 0x1C pokenames = 0x80d260 pokenameslength = 0xB typenames = 0x961b50 typenameslength = 0x7 numberoftypes = 24 items = 0x3db028 numberofitems = 375 itemsdatalength = 0x2C abilities = 0x950000 numberofabilities = 156 abiltiesnamelength = 0xD egggroups = Monster,Water1,Bug,Flying,Field,Fairy,Grass,Human-Like,Water3,Mineral,Amorphous,Water2,Ditto,Dragon,Undiscovered leveluptypes = Medium-Fast,Erratic,Fluctuating,Medium-Slow,Fast,Slow learnedmoves = 0x816dc4 learnedmoveslength = 0x2 attacknames = 0x901800 numberofattacks = 511 attacknamelength = 0xD eggmovepointer1 = 0x045C50 eggmovepointer2 = 0x045CC8 eggmovelimit = 0x045CC4 tmhmcompatibility = 0x8b54f4 tmhmcompatibilitylength = 8 tmlist = 0x45a80c tmlistentrylength = 2 numberoftms = 50 numberofhms = 8 evolutiontable = 0x74fc2c evolutionsperpoke = 8 lengthofoneentry = 8 evolutionmethods = Breeding Only,Friendship,Friendship (Day),Friendship (Night),Level-Up,Trade,Trade (Hold Item),Stone,ATK > DEF,ATK = DEF,ATK < DEF,PID (Wurmple->Silcoon),PID (Wurmple->Cascoon),Spawn a Second,Create Spawn,Beauty evomethodsproperties = None,None,None,None,Level,None,Item,Item,Level,Level,Level,Level,Level,Level,Level,None evolutiontablepointers = 0x42F6C,0x42FBC,0x43138,0x4599C,0xCE8C4 offsetstochangetolslr0r60x1 = 0x42f9c,0x43182,0x43026,0x43008,0x43016,0x43050,0x4307A,0x430A8,0x430C8,0x430EC,0x430FC offsetstochangetonewminus1 = 0x43116,0x4319e,0x459A2 theshedinjafix = 0xCE766 changetonewnumbertimes8 = 0x4598A,0x459C0,0x4598E,0x459C2 pokedex = 0x8ceb80 lengthofpokedexentry = 0x24 nationaldexorder = 0x8b44fc numofnondexpokesbetweencelebiandtreeko = 25 numofnondexpokesafterchimecho = 28 dextype = FRLG jambo51learnedmovehack = False movetutorcomp = 0x8b74d4 movetutorcomplen = 2 movetutorattacks = 0x459b60 mtattackslen = 2 mtattacksnum = 15 frontspritetable = 0x817db4 backspritetable = 0x819d94 frontpalettetable = 0x81bd74 shinypalettetable = 0x81dd54 enemyytable = 0x820d24 playerytable = 0x81fd34 enemyaltitudetable = 0x821d14 iconspritetable = 0x8b3110 iconpalettetable = 0x8b4100 iconpalettes = 0x3d3740 numiconpalettes = 3 itemanimationtable = 0x8c1bf4 itemanimationtableentlen = 5 hoenncryauxtable = 0x8c8d3c footprints = 0x8cdb90 habitats = 0x452c4c habitatpointers = 0x106888,0x1068C8,0x106990,0x1069F8,0x106A98 locationnames = 0x3F1CAC locationstart = 0x58 locationend = 0xC4 locationtblfmt = 1
  13. Your drive is in the front post now. I'm think the Moetal's Sprite being the Mega. Gaining an item works better. There might need to be adjustments to line up well. Hmmmmmm
  14. Wow, that Venusaur. I'm going to have to look over the family to figure out what's Mega evolving into what. Unless @Yatogami comes out with an amazing ROM that for otherwise some reason can't have as many pokemon slots, then we can have starter sets going up to Kalos. However, the responsible answer is Johto, which is mostly a matter of collection, while later sets would have to be made from scratch.