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  1. It's been a while, but there should be tons of new moemon to get soon. The charts above are most from the Discord community survey. It is also kind of old.
  2. We are now ready to discovering new things about the Mega Moemon fanbase! We have already learned some surprising things, and discovered that a lot of players come from unexpected places and walks of life. It looks like the readme needs to be in more languages! If you have recently played, or are about to, please take a look at the new surveys below the MMFR Download link. Represent your nation and your favorite Pokemon generation! This will help with the new update which comes near the end of this month.
  3. No Spanish translation is planned. The October saves should carry on to the next version, although far later versions will never transfer savedata. There may be map and event changes which may complicate things if there's partial progress in the save.
  4. A moemon story hack? Check out Moemon Bonds by Fantaseed. Still in Beta. https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10347572
  5. The October version is the most recent, although the new version is coming out in a month. There's an artist deadline of May 27th, and the new version should be soon after that.
  6. One of our artist's Twitter account has just shared a nice Articuno art. https://twitter.com/fuwuiio/status/1386451124564107267
  7. Credits: Fuwuii, gyromiteMantid, yorumosukemono
  8. It's probably going to be updated when the Chimchar Line gets remade. We actually pretty much have the other two starters ready, but it would be strange to leave just chimchar left behind.
  9. Sorry. Lucario is the most popular pokemon outside of Kanto, but all the current spriters are genwunners.
  10. There's supposedly going to be a new version out soon. We do have some custom dialogue, but most of the translation would be in the official Spanish Firered, as well as the later games for moves and abilities. For our custom dialogue, it's mostly flavor text. All that really matters is that it sounds good in the target language.
  11. The ledgendaries aren't supposed to be easy to get. Regardless, exploring the game isn't too much of a challenge if you're looking for moes anyways.
  12. That's not a priority right now. Kanto can only take so much firepower.
  13. Happy Pokemon Day! The next MMFR update depends on Unova sprite progress, but we're happy to turn our attention to Sinnoh.
  14. Any Unova fans out there? We could use some new artists right now. x Sorry for jpg, but this is a huge image. Sprites are on the server
  15. We just don't have an "Icon Guy" at the moment. We don't even have art credits up to date.
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