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  1. Here are player nationalities from a 4 month period: United States 160 Brazil 26 Canada 22 Germany 16 United Kingdom 16 Australia 13 Korea, South 11 France 10 Poland 10 Indonesia 8 Philippines 8 Netherlands 7 Chile 5 Italy 5 Malaysia 5 Mexico 5 Vietnam 5 China 4 Peru 4 Sweden 4 Thailand 4 Argentina 3 Austria 3 Denmark 3 Finland 3 Japan 3 Belgium 2 Colombia 2 Greece 2 Honduras 2 India 2 Ireland 2 Norway 2 Russia 2 South Africa 2 Taiwan 2 Turkey 2 Ukraine 2 Afghanistan 1 American Samoa 1 Antigua and Barbuda 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 Czech Republic 1 Ecuador 1 Hong Kong 1 Jamaica 1 Monteuguu 1 Portugal 1 Puerto Rico 1 Romania 1 Singapore 1 Slovakia 1 Spain 1 Spratly Islands 1 Switzerland 1 Venezuela 1 Total 405 Art:
  2. I just updated the link in the OP to have a Gen 4 from May of this year. Those working on it haven't made much fanfare about it. The link might have an unannounced update when I'm not looking.
  3. The quitting survey has been removed due to inactively. Here's the survey banner barely nobody saw.
  4. First fix patch is here. Swampert's Mega Stone is now buyable again. Also we have 506 Moemon. Some bugs are still not fixed
  5. It's not us maintaining any PokeMMO mod. We have made great progress with gen 4 and 5 mons but it's not our thing.
  6. Credit to Fuwuii. It was not made for Halloween Also, something from the Server's political discourse:
  7. Here's some information fot those who want to know a bit about the game's difficulty. Percentage of players who defeat each gym leader on the first try: Brock 73.9% Misty 74.1% Surge 76.8% Erika 79.8% Koga 74.5% Blaine 77.4% Sabrina 75.5% Giovanni 67.3% Even the weakest gym leader wins against their human opponent one-fifth of the time. I don't know how to patch on Chromebook, but IPS is not the answer on any computer. UPS is the equivalent for larger files.
  8. We didn't want to make too many assumptions about the players of moemon, so we had a question gauging a person's involvement in the Pokemon fandom. About a fifth reported being unused to Mega Evolution and Fairy type. About a sixth of players played this as their first Pokemon Rom Hack. A little bonus: A graphic showing Starter progress. It doesn't show Back Sprite progress though.
  9. Interestingly, the difficulty of Elite 4 Lance and the Rival as Champion is voted very closely that I can't declare which one is harder even though most of our Moemon Champions have an opinion on who. The most common starter of our Champions is Charmander with 39.7% selecting AND Using Charmander. I also included an option for none of the three for people going with more unique teams. Second place Is Bulbasaur with 23% using her. Squirtle is third with 20.6%. 16.7% changed out their starter. 43% reported using their starter as their main Mega Evolution users, while 11.4% didn't use Mega Evolution.
  10. Favorite Moemon List! This is going to be the final favorites list before the new update where there will be many new moemon, updated moemon, and maybe fewer secret moemon that most people won't see at all. 125 votes total 1. Charizard (9 votes) 2. Swampert (7 Votes) 3. Blastiose (4 Votes) 3. Gardevoir (4 Votes) 5. Hydreigon (3 Votes) 5. Metagross (3 Votes) There are too many moemon that received 2 votes for a proper top 10. Here's the gender of all our Moemon Champions
  11. It's been a while, but there should be tons of new moemon to get soon. The charts above are most from the Discord community survey. It is also kind of old.
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