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  1. I'm sorry if I missed it, but will there be/ was there a FNF 50's this month?
  2. I do miss it, im not gonna lie

  3. Yes. It works.   Because we lost a few long time staff members who had a great deal of tourney experience, and it will take some time to get some new staff members involved.   Anyway, thank you for your suggestion. I'm always gratified to see new people take an interest in the community.
  4.   Wouldn't it just be easier to make those trusted members of the community staff members? What you are describing sounds exactly like the system we already have in place. 
  5.   Attended them? I've reffed many of them. :)
  6.   If you'll read the thread you'll see the arguments against such a suggestion. Unofficial tourneys are fine, but they do contain an element of risk. We must maintain an element of professionalism with official events in order to insure fairness and prevent allegations of impropriety. Unofficial events lack the safeguards that official events have put in place to insure that everyone is treated fairly. 
  7.   Shiny Karp is hella popular, so yeah.
  8. I just wanted to bump this suggestion. As we are all cash strapped now, rebattling gym leaders would be a great source of revenue. Perhaps they could be boosted the second time around, like the E4, to make cash grinding a little tougher?  
  9. 10x Vitamins of your choice would be sweet. They seem like a luxury now. Storyline TM's, too (Psychic, EQ, ect). I think the scrub prizes that would have been offensive before may have a better reception now (for second place anyway). I miss being rich, I can't be the only one. :)
  10. As we are in PovertyMMO now, is there a chance we'll see PokeYen Prizes or at least second prizes in official tourneys?
  11. Keep it proffesional

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