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  1. Ive found that leads can be a little frustrating, with sneasel instantly getting a free kill with pursuit vs some pokemon. I know this is probably a pretty niche situation but its happened a few times to me now. Perhaps the option to choose our leads would help? Or alternatively I dont know if its possible to have a list of pokemon that can be given to each team as a lead, that way we can get a better balance of hazard setters and stuff, and perhaps make sashes are distributed better. I dont know, it might not really be an issue for anyone else and ive just had bad luck
  2. I think Randoms is fun, but I am worried that its going to pull away too much from UU and NU matchmaking. Its probably best to rotate Randoms in and out of matchmaking if possible with something like LC. That way it can still feel somewhat fresh a while down the line, and still give people a reason to not give up on UU or NU. It would also give LC a chance in Matchmaking again without fully commiting it as an "official" tier. I dont know if this is possible, or if its more work than its worth, but thats my two cents at least.
  3. The problem with dugtrio is literally that theres no counterplay to arena trap... but I guess thats different to you?
  4. Lileep after getting 3 AP boosts
  5. UU: Tawla vs Havsha Friday 11pm GMT+1 Bring a date~
  6. For Gothitelle it doesnt have access to shadow tag currently as its a hidden ability. But in general the devs have nerfed shadow tag by making it so that the pokemon is only trapped for like 3 turns before the ability wears off. Currenlty Dugtrio is NU because its atk was never buffed to base 100 in MMO, so not as many people see it as a viable option in the higher tiers. Whilst I agree that it is still problematic due to how it can support a team by targetting down specific pokemon (without room four counterplay) the TC have yet to make such a decision.
  7. This game needs to actually develop new content, instead of just recycling old seasonal events, and not releasisng dungeons, before they hire a new developer Im afraid youre out of luck
  8. TC please feel free to weigh in we'd love to hear yall input too, otherwise you're just gonna perpetuate the discontent the player base already has over how yall do things. Having TCs play MM and Tours is a great start, but transparency is just as important, because its feeling like we've been "discussing" into the void each month
  9. Okay, but thats the entire point of a discussion thread, for people to discuss, and come to a new opinion I'll agree it seems to be a combination of Duggy and Arena Trap, but limiting it further to just never used seems wrong to me, all the factors ive listed in my post are applicable to every tier, be it vs things like exadrill or a magnet in uu, or whatever, the benefits duggy provides to defensive builds in taking out a breaker without anyroom for counter play is inherent throughout each metagame. The core issue is that arena trap robs one of a crucial game mechanic (switching) This remains true in every tier. And whilst pokemon like trapinch and diglett can do that too, they come with their own drawbacks that help keep it balanced. Meanwhile Duggy brings considerable less drawbacks. Honestly, Im still not convinced that its actually a combination of Duggy and AT and just not AT, but its not a hill im going to die on edit: whilst diglett and trapinch can trap, they cant punish, which is why they arent raising the same issues of concern
  10. So, I agree, most fighting types cant switch into it (especially if you dont know if its modest, or defensive) however there are still plenty switch ins that can handle it, such as gigailth/snorlax/more. My main issue with this argument is that you say its a mixture of all the p2 sets that make it too much, and whist it is a very versatile pokemon, as I had suggested in my previous post, Ive found that the same answers can be used for each set, making it versatility less impactful. [so for example, snorlax or gigalith can come in on any p2 set, and pressure it out, punishing it for staying in/teleport or can benefit from the free turn by getting up rocks, or a curse.] Its drawbacks can be dealt with sure, they can also just as easily be reestablished. Am I missing a way in which p2 is restricting the meta, beyond making you run something with good spdef? Genuinely asking, like I suppose it does makes offensive switches much harder, but I dont feel like its forcing us to play defensive builds all together
  11. Okay, even if we can all agree that its the combination of both dugtrio and arena trap that is problematic, then surely the solution is to remove arena trap from dugtrio like sword dance was removed from garchomp, instead of just leaving the status quo? (I guess the devs gave up on LC, but the fact that arena trap was broken in LC too, I believe is just further indication that its a problematic ability)
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