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  1. IGN: Havsha PokeMMO Team: Rise Experience: PSL V, 6, 7 Motivation: I've done psl as a player, need to get an opportunity to win as a manager now, built a comp team from the ground up, had my fair share of this games competitive scene. Fluff: I still play this game,better than some I guess
  2. aight
  3. Already caught you in game
  4. Walrein and a Victreebell sold
  5. Ill catch you online
  6. No Believe it or not there are Ill catch you in game
  7. Nfs, sorry
  8. Sorry, none of the above Pm'd
  9. I wanna get back into ou, selling some nu stuff, some stuff may be nfs, but make an offer on anything your'e interested in. Ign: Havsha
  10. Ev train for me, I got some junk that needs some love, Ill catch you in game
  11. Incog, make be the weebiest signature possible, im talking @Tritios level weeb
  12. Come back bb

  13. @OrangeManiac Sorry to do this, but remove my name too
  14. Yeah sorry haven't been able to get on this week, yet alone farm the money, I havent forgotten though, wil try to get it to you this weekend
  15. I owe @Toast 100k, @Torinnnnn 100k and @Erayne 200k. Putting it here so I dont forget, should be able to pay you all by the end of the week, lets hope.