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  1. Overwatch

    Why is everyone so good at overwatch? Im just sitting here trying to get back into plat and you all are reaching masters
  2. Happy birthday @Torinnnnn have a good day and what not.
  3. Power Levelling

    How much to level these 2 to 50?
  4. Voltorb Lotto

  5. [RISÉ] Hall of Fame

    Unofficial Tournaments: Oltann Havsha xSparkie Suneet Leviiticus Butlerrr Jermaone Kevola SweeTforU Previous Members: Jostarr Cogeid TheChampionMike
  6. Team Tournaments: Official Tournaments: Oltann Erayne Havsha xSparkie Suneet Vincenteh Pulcinella KaosXV Butlerrr Reesuf NightArch ZorNiFieD Jermaone Nyas Chirobi Sztajger Zymogen Kevola PlayerCoucheado awaLLz AfterShocker Eyl ORBFLUX Pachima Intor SweeTforU Jostarr Previous Members: Cyzero LuisPocho Miguelez TheChampionMike
  7. sucker

    1. Havsha



  8. come on and play the tt tonight
  9. Stop derailing my anime thread
  10. PokeMMO Nostalgia

    I think you're going crazy
  11. PokeMMO Nostalgia

    Dunno what youre talking about
  12. CCs are officials too
  13. @Erayne E is for excellent for which you are R is for Righteous for your righteous attitude A is for your awesome abilities Y is for you, as today is about you N is for negativity, which isn't very relevant but pessimism must continue E is for the extravagance which is this poem Happy birthday and what not

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