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  1. Ill be real 90% of the names you all suggested were hot garbage
  2. Some random Goblin punk appeared, roll initiative
  3. IGN: Havsha Timezone: GMT +2 Tiers: SM OU, OU, Something else to farm likes: My comps might have good ivs if I play SM OU
  4. Made an updated pixel art of my bard, this time with a hat
  5. I'll give it a bash, top 6 (No particular order) seem obvious to me, last 2 are up in the air 1. xSparkie 2. Zhiko 3. MaatthewMLG 4. Enchanteur 5. Pachima 6. Parke The last 2 spots are question marks for me, though these are the potential candidates in my humble opinion: -RealDevilLegend -Kamimiii -Titooo -LifeStyle -Bilburt -Hopi
  6. Literally just finished making this before I read you comment, I'll give it a bash later E: @Akshit, I don't know what afros look like apparently
  7. Photoshop costs money right? If so Imma have to take an L in that department, but thanks for the tip^ I might need a screen of your character, easier to have something I can look at, hmu on discord I'll check it out when I get onto campus^ wifi is trash at my place, thanks for the advice This community already 10x less toxic than the rest of the game, huge respect to you all
  8. I'm afraid so, I just use paint, I can't escape them pixels
  9. I'm bad at drawing/art, but I am currently learning to become slightly less bad at pixel art. So I just opened this to improve where I can. I'll attempt to draw your character (I can attempt some Pokemon/Other Requests too, but don't expect much in that regard) Requests: Just comment below with a screenshot of your character/details of what you want. Free of charge. Examples: I apologies in advance for some of the terrible results that may emerge in this thread
  10. lul what, you're meant to be making arguments for why you should be added to the list, not why your name should be removed
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