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  1. Water steel is something I'd be pretty hyped for, such a cool typing to use in comp
  2. I appreciate that you responded to us, it's always nice hearing some form of acknowledgement when the community feels abandoned, and I do apologies if what I said comes of as some sort of attack, that was never my intention. However, I do find it quite disconcerting that the GMs refuse to answer me or replies like mine because we're mean or scary or they just are disinterested I dunno. As it stands silence doesn't build much confidence, and I truly wish I did not have to bother you to get my voice heard by the people who have the type of power needed to answer our concerns. If they just reached out to us like you have, there wouldn't be an outcry from the community.
  3. There's clearly something wrong with the current system of tour prizes, so your solution is to ignore it? You say you wont change tour prizes which are gifts so they cannot be traded as if they have a gigantic influence on the economy, but then turn around and release limited vanities that are worth a crazy amount more and you don't see any hypocrisy there? You've created a system where those who work for and earn their money are immediately overshadowed by those who just merely horde vanities. I feel like this is just another way you are neglecting to competitive scene, I hope for our sake that you are at least working on a better prize systems and aren't actually ignoring this central part of your community. Anyways, you have peaked my curiosity, how exactly do gifted tour prizes cause inflation if they cannot be traded or sold to other players? Sure the argument might be said (at a push) that the comp players who win a 6x31 shiny bellsprout may not want to go and buy Timmy's shiny bellsprout, but the reality is competitive players wouldn't buy that bellsprout to begin with. Tour Prizes are something we can show off, but when you give us these shiny prizes with ivs worse than our current comps you are depriving us the opportunity to show them off in battle. Reading through your response you mentioned something about reforming official events, I hope you have taken into consideration what the comp community is saying about prizes and types of events. Tl;Dr Give us tour prizes worth our time
  4. Dont worry fam, I'll try think up something heat just for you
  5. Give it another week, next 128 ou tour is going to have a 6x25 non-shiny comp prize
  6. Staff are really putting up non-shiny comps with my kind of ivs and expect it to be an adequate prize for all the hundreds and thousands of hours of work people put into this game, its a joke really edit: @Desu @Kyu @Squirtle @Rache @WhoeverIHaveToAt Frankly this needs to change, you're actively mocking the efforts of competive players with these insulting prizes, instead of hiding behind the opaque cloak you have worn for the last 4 years start hearing and responding the the feedback of your player base, especially the veterans who have stuck around for so long. If we're wrong then make a post explaining why you believe us to be wrong, because if you don't do that then you'll continue to alienate this sphere of the game.
  7. We can ban linoone too, Im alright with this
  8. Im gonna take some wild guesses, Scorbunny and its evolution are gonna be that fire/ground(I dont really know what im basing this on, maybe diggesrby) or fire/electric(Cause its looks fast as heck). Grookey probably grass/fighitng (its basically the grass chimchar lets be real) and Sobble is about to get that water/dragon combo (since the games set in britain my guess is that its gonna evolve into the loch ness monster)
  9. One man's trash is another man's treasure
  10. Maybe it's best we don't revive the thread after all
  11. I'm not here to defend any corruption (cause lul guptas), but I assume you've studied the bare minimum of South Africa history to understand that a vast amount of the problems we are facing today emerge from the previous apartheid government(such as education, the huge disparity between rich and poor, etc) or from colonial times. These problems need to be addressed even if they aren't particularly popular for everyone. If you believe that the problems would solve themselves without governmental policies that leave us "on the receiving end of dirt" I would love to hear the solution. Though that all being said I'm not trying to say our political sphere atm is totally innocent, just that a lot (If not the majority) of the major issues we are facing have emerged from our country's history of racism.
  12. Freedom of speech ends with hate speech, there's a thin line between the two, the staff aren't trained in law, they don't have knowledge of precident not do they have an insight into the individuals intent or motivation. All they can do is try be consistant with their rulings and try keep the chat appropriate for everyone so that people dont feel attacked or unwelcome when they play this game. I understand that this may seem soft or laughable to many, but try understand that a lot of the community who play this game are young, and may not be equipped with the same mental fortitutde to realise "hey calling everyone the n word isnt the best idea". You're response that of "If you get offended by words you're nothing more than an offense to the gene pool (imo)" makes me cringe too hard tbh. Of course people can be insulted by words, we are by our very nature emotional beings, as such words can have a heavy influence on our psychology, especially if the words are reaffirmations of discriminatory things that have been infused into society at large. tl;dr Staff aren't lawyers, but they have to be consistent and try help create environment where everyone is welcome and feel safe. Yo, shut up, you're from South Africa right? You're actually insane if you are this nonchalant about racism, and the impact of racism. Keep your eyes open if you want to see the impact racism has had on our country, those wounds ain't mending themselves any time soon. Especially if people continue sprouting this kind of trash.
  13. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7bssfactory-833584385 the game is never over til its over
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