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  1. A Player you will never forget.

    @benjaminvoz @Champlooo @Ikkee @ArieJ @TheNightArch Pretty much just because of all the old memories and times we shared
  2. Sweet's challenge thread: Gen4 OU

    dpp bo3 100k ?
  3. @xSparkie does the same thing, wow, what a small world
  4. NU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    I know NU is still being made, but quick ban linoone please
  5. nikeboy's alt

  6. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    NU tours, I get its a little bit of a mess, but still deserves some love
  7. How long did it take you to get a shiny?

    About to hit 5000 hours without any sign's of my first shiny encounter, but I remain optimistic
  8. What are you talking about?? I got 200k
  9. [Rankings] The Best of PokeMMO

    @DoubleJ When you get the chance http://pokemmostaff.challonge.com/TTJan2018
  10. Weather Symbols/Icon

    We need an icon to show that weather is up during battles, or at the very least a message at the end of each turn. Just follow what Showdown does .Would make life a lot easier for the neglected pvper's
  11. Nice job fam, time to work on the double
  12. [PSL9] Manager Sign- Up Thread

    IGN: Havsha Team: [Rise] Experience: PSL V - 8, Executive and Co-Founder of Rise. Motivation: Since my boy Oltan is unable to take his spot as manager this season, Ill try and step up, as a co-founder of rnsc, and rise, I have managed to learn the necessary traits of teamwork, motivation and recruitment that is needed to create a strong, competitive team. It is no coincidence that Rise has in a span of a year grown to become the 4th/5th best team in PokeMMO history and the 2nd best of 2017, it was a product of my own, and my fellow executives' ability to keep a finger on the competitive pulse of this game. We did not rely on the old veterans that reside in teams like aw, lyle, aura or rng, instead we were able to find hidden gems, who we were able to guide towards the path of greatness. I believe it is this keen eye on the competitive scene, that inherently provides me with the ability to form the strongest, most competitive team with the combinations of new players and old. Although I may not have been a participant of PSL from the beginning, it has become increasingly clear to me that it has been transformed from a prestigious competitive event, into a poorly constructed canvas for smack talk and petty drama. The very spirit of competition in psl has been misshaped into one of salty, uncompetitive behaviour. I believe this is one of the key reasons contributing towards the poor activity losses, and the decrease interest in last psl's play offs. As Tyrone stated, I refuse to take part in the drama and the trashtalk, and I encourage everyone else too follow in suit. Instead I'll focus on creating a strong competitive ethos within my team. Fluff: Stop making PSL about petty dramas and trashtalk, bring back the old competitive spirit
  13. The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    Really liking this dubs team, don't judge my plays too much, still new to the dubs meta https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7doublesou-683160300
  14. Youve been hanging out with @Tritios for too long
  15. Happy birthday @TheChampionMike

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