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  1. I owe @Toast 100k, @Torinnnnn 100k and @Erayne 200k. Putting it here so I dont forget, should be able to pay you all by the end of the week, lets hope.
  2. Battletag: Havsha#21551 Region: EU Main Character: Lucio/Mercy Most Hated Character: Symmetra I'm bad at this game, but need more people like @Oltan to carry me
  3. me vs fab 10 minutes
  4. Fify, gotta bring in the surprise appearance
  5. Petition to name Team South Africa and others
  6. Yeah just saw that, petition to separate northern Africa from southern Africa
  7. Ign: Havsha Country: South Africa Lf that one man african bracket to carry me Rip @AbdOuMarley ruining my bracket
  8. Well, that alone offers another risk for claydol, if it stays im, it may risk being hit by a banded megahorn from absol, dedge from swellow, ice punch from sneasel, now I know these probably wont ohko, but thats huge pressure on claydol already, on my phone can't calc, and with no access to heals, you may be saying good bye to your golem check, unless you can win the 50/50 predictions
  9. Very easily pursuit trapped too, and has no reliable access to healing moves
  10. Me vs @Fabbroo should be friday some time
  11. The Human Caterpie (0) vs Spartan Warriors (0) UU: overToasted vs yangsam - Taken by @Toast NU: YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL vs Kriger - Taken by @Torinnnnn DPP: Gunthug vs Raptori 100k each 200k Spartans win this week - Taken by @Erayne
  12. Theyre BL,which means theyre banned from UU due to overcentralising or being classified as an uber wall/sweeper
  13. oh I released that the second you mailed it
  14. you dont even play this game