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  1. and its way too easy to dismiss different opinions by claiming its blatant stupidity
  2. @SweeTforU
  3. I mailed you last week with the money
  4. Taking Sweet and Coge
  5. @benjaminvoz should be on unless hes finally banned
  6. Well, there's two train of thoughts on this matter, one that supports the idea that the language shapes our thoughts, and another(language of thought hypothesis) that argues that we all think in a hypothetical language known as "mentalese" from which we unconsciously translate our thoughts to whatever language you wish to employ. The first perspective would apply that infants who are yet to learn to speak are incapable of thoughts, but would also support the hypothesis, whereas the second theory provides a framework in which infants can be perceived as capable of conscious thought. Most linguists seem to follow the latter train of thought nowadays, or at least a hybrid of the two. At least this is true from my studies so far, but I'm sure there are many who'd argue with me on this point. The philosophy of linguistics, fun stuff.
  7. Whoa* v all the other incorrect spelling @SweeTforU thinks up
  8. I never thought I'd see the day someone was more wrong than you on this subject, how wrong I was
  9. 10 minutes lost
  10. Yang vs me 2pm gmt Wednesday
  11. I'll take jovi and sparkie
  12. Taking myself, pipe and kev
  13. Most hype game imo
  14. wasn't really a choke, jynx low rolled and didnt kill kanga, didnt get any paras with aggron vs crad, just needed one to get the win, the focus punches at the end were a last ditch attempt at hoping id get some rng, atleast a little, in my favour, rockslide would have achieved the same I suppose, but with less reward should I get lucky, I suppose I could have fished for flinch, but thats rng based too. Anyways, gg, I suppose you could argue I shouldnt have tried fish for the roll with jynx at the end, but it was cb, so I did not want to risk losing aggron or megan when i could have just ended it without even fishing for a crit. Anyways wall of text, for a wall of salt
  15. Goon a no show, me vs Mkns in 10mins e: didnt get screen but lost to hax