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  1. I posted this a while back in a movement discussion thread, its more so about arena trap than duggy specifically, but since the two go hand in hand I figured thats fine. The examples I gave I think were more NU orientated since it was NU back then, but the logic and theory remains the same.
  2. For the record I think dugtrio is banworthy in OU too, but this is a discussion about it in UU not OU.
  3. A manager should behave just drafted no one and played themselves the entire season as a flex 😔wasted opportunities
  4. Honestly valid, no one can expect you to do that. Like dont get me wrong the amount of effort you've been putting in as host is really admirable, I dont want you to think Im ragging on ya, I just don't agree with the confirmation fee, since it just feels too much like a half-heated sign up fee for some people and not for others Yeah exactly! Its just like posting on the forums but in a specified discord channel for the victory screens in the discord!
  5. A couple of seasons ago id agree, but for last few psls and wcs we've almost exclusively used discord for sharing screenshots of victories and arranging our battles that I dont think this is an issue anymore
  6. So in 13 seasons theres been just 3 cases of people signing up for someone else who refuses to play. That's really not bad at all considering the amount of sign ups we get per season. I dont think we ought to be disuading people from signing up (even if they dont have a forum account, and for one reason or another wont make one) The issue of players refusing to play isnt event exclusive to other people signing up for them, theres so many times people sign up stating "I wont play for x manager" and stuff. The issue of "joke registrations" isnt fixed with a 25k confirmation fee, people sign up for themselves with no intentions of playing saying things like "dont buy me I'm too busy" or whatever. There's likely more joke sign ups from people signing themselves up than there are people signing up for other people.
  7. Sign ups will be on the forums, because people just get their friends to sign up on their behalf just like theyve always done. If people dont want to make a forum account thats there choice. Theres no difference between confirming their signups if they included 25k in the mail or not, its just pointless and will only put people off taking part in the community events.
  8. I dont love this, people dont need to be forum members to be a part of the community, but these fees are kinda gatekeeping it so you need to be, should be able to send confirmation over discord or just a regular mail, we dont need to add more obstacles.
  9. Wait was showdown tiers even discussed this season? F, my bad remove me from the sign up lists
  10. probably should have just been a set price fine, I didnt think people had such money to flaunt, but hey, prize pool should be good
  11. to be fair GB is using a clear system based on stats to work out his manager picks, so Its transparent and anyone is free to double check the maths, so I wouldnt call it bias. Now whether being good at comp makes you a good manager is a different story all together, unless coaching becomes permitted, or they just hide their coaching but no system is flawless
  12. I think its fine to have people who got banned in the past get back in the good graces by paying a fine, call it reconciliation, community benefits by both having more reward money and not having half the community banned. If they cheat again blacklist them for good, but since their bans weren't intended to be permanent to begin with this is good.
  13. Not getting involved in this discussion anymore, but I'll give my final statement I guess. Hitmontop Nidoqueen: Slowbro: Durant: Aerodactyl: Sigilyph:
  14. Okay assuming im completey trash at UU (I'm a queen at uu though, so that might need a lot of creativity and imagination) I still raised a valid concerm, and supported my claims with an argument and calcs, based off that alone, it should be an adequate reason to answer me query. (its not like my post in the thread was a salty rage post, it wasnt like I just lost to a lucario in UU, since it wasnt UU yet. Now if you can read the post and think to yourself "huh, shes crazy, lucario isnt a threat just because it cant be walled and revenged, what is she on about?" then fair enough ignore me. But, I dont think you can really deny that Lucario looks at least on paper a little busted and that the concerns I mentioned werent valid. Im sure a lot of our frustration is misdirected towards the TC, when it should be towards Munya (sorry if you aren't in charge of that munya) or whoever is in charge of the Tier policies, buuut from the outside perspective you all are whowe can appeal to (As you have the people in charge of the tier policies' ear). At the end of the day as little faith we may have in the TC right now, I assure you I have even less faith in the devs, so most of us realise we shouldnt even bother trying to talk to them
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