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  1. Be nice to have the ability to refund a team name that is never used, instead of having to give to a new player that has not a clue what a burden that was just placed on them.    And then the Team Name could be re-used if someone were want to use it.
  2. DustinDoom


    I remember this name very clearly lol, welcome back!
  3. Guess we could consider this thread a OT discussion now lol?
  4.   Exactly. Be nice if you guys come up with something.
  5.   Yes, but I am not too sure if anything already is dealt with it or not. Welcome to lock if so. But yeah was just a idea.
  6. I wish we could make more use of it, thoughts of making it something for players to work hard for.
  7. [center]Getting better and better :D[/center] [center][img]http://i59.tinypic.com/30bocr6.png[/img][/center] [center]Boom,[/center] [center][img]http://i61.tinypic.com/22g86x.jpg[/img][/center]
  8. What you think about this one I made today?  
  9.   I figured lol, I was just plating around with it, I will do better though..
  10. [center]First of all this is my first time actually messing with Photoshop. So please tell me what you all think..[/center] [center][img]http://i57.tinypic.com/w2byxd.png[/img][/center] [center]Another one lol.[/center] [center][img]http://i58.tinypic.com/2zi63bl.png[/img][/center]
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