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  1. 。コンバンワ!:3。not dead atm. busy with other think. i try get back pokemmo if kinguy need me.

  2. Mou Hitotsu taikutsu nichi :/

  3. Mou Hitotsu taikutsu nichi :/

  4. i have no idea what to do now.

  5. I bored  ^_^   Altaria [spoiler] (Nickname:Princess Cream)[/spoiler] Espeon [spoiler]hp tho (Nickname:Ralala Ribbon) [/spoiler] :wub:
  6. yup i accidently make myself Cutier =3

    1. KingRechey
    2. pokecraftMC


      nice accident your caught up with xD

  7. =3 I mostly like to make opening/ending song animation  sometime.
  8. maybe i make my own picture profile

  9. i like the idea but i like this better if i transfer a money/pokemon to another player bank account.while they offline or something.
  10. i Bored Btw.Maybe i go try make my team signture. i already make my here http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e208/Starlightbiyomon/Bn16wNfTxBMKl8Q6-croppedfVlHh-gif 1_zpscuqcwhof.gif

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