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  1. Sashaolin

    Freedom of speech

    If PokeMMO staff want to build a dictatorship empire, why not ? But admit it then... They still try to appear for fair and honest people while they punish some players for personal issues which is called discrimination, I have screens to prove this. PokeMMO staff is a just a bunch of arrogant teenagers using their power to compensate their lack of confidence in real life. Being incapable to recognize their mistakes and incapable to apologize is the perfect picture of it. Having hosted the biggest scammer of the game in their ranks for months is also a good example of how serious they are just like the way they change half of the staff every month.
  2. Sashaolin

    Event Suggestions & Feedback

    Edit : I don't think it's big enough to satisfy his ego
  3. Sashaolin

    how to stop mienshao

    I don't know who wrote this garbage but it's of course false. Many sets are checks for themselves, the most common example is Blissey...
  4. Sashaolin

    psl X donation thread

    He's so neutral that he used to form a racist duo with Raaidn. He's so applied that he never used a capital letter in his life. Fred our savior.
  5. Sashaolin

    best hax

    Pure skills
  6. Sashaolin

    RNG-less battle mode

  7. Sashaolin

    Update Discussion thread 27/2/18

    What a joke ! Four years finding rare dittos for nothing, this is dumb af ! I leave this game managed by incapables...
  8. Sashaolin

    Rocket League

    PC players can play with PS4 players, isn't it ?
  9. Sashaolin

    Rocket League

    If you guys are looking for players, hit me up in game or on discord I'm on PS4, PSN : Halogenetic
  10. Sashaolin

    Dream Match

    Axoa vs XPLOZ (The French Civil Wars)
  11. Sashaolin

    The reasons why this game failed are as follows.

    I hate poor people, without them there would not be such a misery in this world !

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