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  1. Sashaolin

    World Cup week #4

    MavisChan (Venezuela) VS Kriliin (Belgium) Tier : OU Vermillion CH4 in 10min
  2. Sashaolin

    World Cup week #3

    Kiwikidd (Spain A) VS Kriliin (Belgium) Tier : OU In 10min Vermillion CH4 Edit : I won, gg Kiwikidd !
  3. Sashaolin


    No longer able to scroll the chat after being disconnected by afk is a total regression ...
  4. Sashaolin

    World Cup week #2

    GG Wiriketchup Belgium OP
  5. Sashaolin

    World Cup week #2

    Wiriketchup (Argentina A) vs Kriliin (Belgium) Tier : NU In 10 minutes, Vermillion CH4
  6. Sashaolin

    World Cup Week #1

    MullenYu against Kriliin in 10min
  7. Sashaolin

    LC Discussion Request Thread

    4 months later, still nothing has been done, time to fix this...
  8. Sashaolin

    Guess the year

  9. Sashaolin

    Sableye Stall / Rezagado

    Yeah, the ability Stall doesn't work yet but who needs it anyways ? Wtf? Next time you should read before answering...
  10. Sashaolin


    Bashful is the best nature for a mixed Crobat @MknsZblex
  11. Sashaolin

    Event Suggestions & Feedback

    That's even without talking about his terrible tournament's names that only a minority understand. Deleting criticism ? Noad is that you ?
  12. Sashaolin

    Sprite appreciation thread!

    Already done brah
  13. Sashaolin

    LC Discussion Request Thread

    I lost in today's LC tournament due to a bug. Round 2 : Pitzzin VS Kriliin Turn 24 : I knocked off a midlife Gastly and his berry juice activated... This is a bug, like with the move Bug Bite, the berry shouldn't activate before the effect. Fix it please... @Munya

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