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  1. I won gg belieberboy
  2. belieberboy vs Kriliin in 10min
  3. How can you open different windows of the same pokemon at same time ?
  4. Fortunately, the RNG meeting did not look like that :
  5. lol no You definitely confuse me with someone else, I never did that.. I almost don't play UU and I always pay my debts very fast because I'm rich enough and I always been. Furthermore I never played any wagers unless some Little cup duels in Vermi ch 7.
  6. Wait wut ?
  7. Congratulations, you are the first RNG to have bet against another RNG. Also, taking it. And also, 50K on Gunthug vs XPLOZ (only XPLOZ can take it)
  8. GG
  9. Tranzmaster vs Kriliin in 10min
  10. Pretty obvious that most if not every members of the TC have'nt played a OU duel since months... It becomes ridiculous...
  11. IGN : K r i l i i n Timezone : GMT Tiers : Pokemmo OU / UU / NU / LC Fluff : 6-0 Master, be prepared !
  12. PTS

    Damn, I'm on an old Mac (OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard) so I guess it will not be possible to test the PTS ? I can't install the latest JDK, it's incompatible with my version of Mac and I don't have any terminal, is there any solutions ? Thanks !
  13. Damn, what a confusing story, the guy was definitely chosen to be the shiny Mime master.
  14. Ok kid, you are right...
  15. Nothing to do with what you said, I haven't seen the dates and that's the evidence it's 2 different Mimes, not the Hatched or Met...