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  1. Are you serious ? How dare you make such a fallacious shortcut ? Coaching is allowed in officials, having screenshots of SIA players admitting it is therefor totally irrelevant. I don't need to defend my integrity in PSL, all my PSL teammates will be able to testify how I kept the coaching far away from me for better and for worse. And since the 3 hosts of the last PSL were my teammates, their point of view about my integrity is clearly more concrete than an irrelevant screenshot. @Aerun I really hope you liked his post without reading it cause you're probably one of those who can attest how I never asked for coaching nor coached anyone. I always condemned coaching in PSL, I forbade my players to do it and I did everything to push them to train and get ready. Seriously bro'?
  2. I agree with you, the team I brought was too matchup reliant and therefore not good enough. Rain teams are something that we usually make fun of in SIA. But we used to play a lot against Aw players and they know most of our teambuilds, that's why we decided to try to surprise them with a rain team. It was known that Ferrothorn would be close to an auto-lose and I took the risk. They did exactly the same by bringin a rain team extremely weak to Magnezone which is something I run a lot, it could have gone in either ways. Since Aw players are dominating the competitive scene in many ways, it's literally like saying : if you are not better than the very best then you are bad. In addition to being false, it's an insult to everyone, even to Aw players who redoubles their efforts to perform that way. I would not have imagined that your arrogance could match your stupidity. Oh and btw, we beat Aw 3-0 in February's TT, 1-2 against them in 2019, damn, we're really soooo bad guys... You probably watched it with your ass since you haven't even seen me using Defog during my duel.
  3. My 2 cents, I like the idea very much but I allow myself to say how the betting process looks unfair to me. Beating 5 players in a row in 5 different tiers is a hard task and participants are not rewarded for that. In a classic wager, you can also win 500k by betting only 100k, you just need to win 5 times in a row and you can even lose, retire and stay positive in money. That "all or nothing" rule could still be interesting but you should consider doubling the amount. (100k bet and if you win the 5 duels in a row, you get 1m).
  4. No longer able to scroll the chat after being disconnected by afk is a total regression ...
  5. 4 months later, still nothing has been done, time to fix this...
  6. Yeah, the ability Stall doesn't work yet but who needs it anyways ? Wtf? Next time you should read before answering...
  7. Bashful is the best nature for a mixed Crobat @MknsZblex
  8. That's even without talking about his terrible tournament's names that only a minority understand. Deleting criticism ? Noad is that you ?
  9. I lost in today's LC tournament due to a bug. Round 2 : Pitzzin VS Kriliin Turn 24 : I knocked off a midlife Gastly and his berry juice activated... This is a bug, like with the move Bug Bite, the berry shouldn't activate before the effect. Fix it please... @Munya
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