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  1. I offer 100K for each of those two
  2. Magneton HP FIRE and Electrode HP ICE added !
  3. I won gg moisesss Go go Salamences !
  4. moisessss and me in 10min
  5. Magneton HP ICE and 3 Tyrogues added
  6. When I asked why Hariyama could not become UU, answer was Hariyama is capable to 2HKO everything. It's time to be consistent, move up this OP dog please...
  7. Bump
  8. gg Cheels !
  9. Cheels and me in 10min
  10. Saying that some people could be ready to overpay doesnt change the fact that this ditto is not worth 4M+ The most expensive pokemon you can do with that 29/31/27/31/30/31 Quirky ditto is a Naughty/Naive Metagross and it will not even worth 4M.
  11. Not necessary doesnt mean useless, it means everything you can achieve with 6 IVs dittos can also be done with 5 IVs Prove me wrong
  12. lol no 6 IVs dittos are not even necessary, you can do everything you want with 5 IVs, nature is the most important thing