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  1. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Bronzong ?
  2. Unova on Mac

    Hi, I play on Mac and I have not found any informations related to the compatibility of the Unova's update with Mac. I have installed the requested update in the pokemmo main but now I can't open the game anymore, here is the error message : There are no clients in the website's downloads page for Mac : https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/mac/ Is the game not supported on OSX anymore ? I have to do something specific ? Just waiting for the OSX client ?
  3. I will explain why this project is not interesting me at all. I'm a very loyal person and one of the main thing I'm looking for in this game, and therefore in PSL, is the team spirit. Meet new people, share opinions, offering help to build and train, lend comps, ... Being relevant to my teammates and support them is something you can't replace. This project totally devalues the team spirit. You can be out of your team for good after Week 1 and the team you are supporting will be merged with another team and will lose all his nature. I know this chaos is voluntary but PSL always been a competition based on team spirit except the trades which is something I never liked. I want this competition to continue in that way and not turn around towards individual spirit, I hope then that this will not be the next PSL.
  4. PSL 8 Regular Season Players Rankings

    I can't agree more, this is exactly what it is. This binary mentality you speak about is called the logic of the truth. A statement is either true or either false, it can't be "very true" or "a little bit false", a statement 99% true and 1% false is false, a statement have to be 100% true to be true. The title was false and that's probably why you changed it. The statement about the uninteresting regular season players rankings datas is subjective, it's therefore pointless to call it true or false because we can't answer objectively to a subjective issue just like we can't answer subjectively to an objective issue. For instance, I can't say "I know gbwead is hurt by me" because we can't answer objectively to a subjective issue. And I can't say "I know gbwead is in front of his computer right now because I feel it" because we can't answer subjectively to an objective issue. All in all, I reserve myself the right to think it's weird to post the datas of the regular season when the playoffs are over while you could have already done it more than 3 weeks ago. I think I have spoke more than enough about the meaning of the subjectivity, if you still think that your rankings are objective, I will call that being thick headed.
  5. PSL 8 Regular Season Players Rankings

    I used the word "wrong" to say it was not the "players rankings" but the "regular season players rankings", it was an answer to the "Jice trash spreadsheet" argument. The title was wrong and the regular season rankings are uninteresting for me, don't mix it up. I think you have to improve your definition of the subjectivity, it's clear you misunderstand what it is by saying "I made this rankings to offer a less subjective way for the awards". There is nothing less or more subjective, it's either objective or subjective and the way you used is not objective. I never asked you to include the playoffs with this formula, to answer to it while I never expressed it is called a straw man argument. I don't have to look more carefully at the formula because if the variants are subjective, the formula is subjective and the rankings are subjective. See it like this, you try to answer subjectively to the objective question "Who are the best players?". In contrary, you can answer objectively to the objective question "Who won the most matches minus the matches he lost?".
  6. PSL 8 Regular Season Players Rankings

    I think you know what I'm getting at because you already changed the title even if you think "it's not a big deal". The other thing I pointed at is that the regular season rankings are uninteresting when the playoffs have been played in my opinion. The formula is subjective therefore the rankings are subjective, it's as simple as that. If you want to go deeper, we can say that the rankings are objectively expressed in terms of a subjective formula which made the rankings subjective. Subjective doesn't mean it's bad or that it could be improved, it just means it's refutable, it's a matter of opinion. So, please stop acting like I said it was bad and asking me to improve it while all I said was that the title was wrong and that the rankings are outdated.
  7. PSL 8 Regular Season Players Rankings

    I take this as "I admit my rankings are senseless but who cares ? PSL is an extremely small event." Which I find weird coming from you, the super hero of the fairness, the guy who jump on every unfair or biased decision that someone take on this forum especially those related to the extremely small event called PSL. Think what you want, it had nothing to do with me, those rankings were objectively called in the wrong way and are subjectively uninteresting when the playoffs have been played. Like I already said, I see this as an attempt to make subjective rankings looking like objective ones while it's not the case anyways.
  8. PSL 8 Regular Season Players Rankings

    Of course but the awards are clearly expressed in this subjective way not like those rankings that hiding behind a so called objective formula. Yes it's a big deal, look everywhere, in any sports, nobody cares about regular season rankings when the playoffs have been played, it's like living in the past.
  9. PSL 8 Regular Season Players Rankings

    Using the argument of the incomplete work of someone else is not valid to justify a wrong way to make the rankings. It's not impossible at all, it only requires more work, what you should had think twice was the title "PSL8 players rankings" while it's "PSL8 regular season players rankings". I haven't said it was only for the losers, I said it was in order to make them more relevant than what they really are. I see this as an attempt to make subjective rankings looking like objective ones while it's not the case anyways.
  10. PSL 8 Regular Season Players Rankings

    smh, this thread is really about making the losers more relevant How in the world the rankings are only based on regular season and you haven't even mention it, like it's a normal thing, we had to knew it. It's literally like saying CR7 didn't deserves best scorer of the CL because he haven't scored much goals in the group phase and scoring a hat-trick in the final is not part of the competition because all players deserve the same chances to score. I don't see the point of judging a competition based only on it's first part, it's basically like saying "gg Monkeys, you're the true champions !" Same applies for awards, I never heard in any sports someone who was awarded best player of a competition while his team failed to reaching the play-off of it, it has no sense.
  11. [SaKé]

    Un volontaire ment involontairement avant l'enterrement
  12. [RÑG] Random Noob Gamers

    Mfw DiDi is fkin underrated and gbwead is overrated af, he was good 2 years ago... Smh

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