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  1. wow, I miss this game. used to make character sprite fullbody art for ransom players in ANFU n stuff :>
  2. so.. I can view my trainer card.. and see how many badges I've got. maybe if I want to boast like Gary did (showing 10 badges) and this function is allowed, I can show my friends my progress in the pokemon league. then They can see that I'm not a total noob who hasn't even beaten the gyms. I can prove my worth as a trainer by showing them my card!   If they can see my trainer card, and I can see theirs, It'll be easier to know if I can beat them in a duel or not. or If they're stronger than me/just as strong as I am. just to avoid crappy duel.s (like a lv20 pokemon trainer vs. trainer with lv100s, obviously 100s win.) and there's no real fun especially when you're too strong for them :P   moreover, Pokedex entries! basically, yeah, It'll be easier to show If you've become the very best and caught them allonce this is implemented. :D   Trainer cards include the player's Money in it, so maybe that makes this suggestion debatable. That's up to the developers, i guess. maybe removing money from the card will solve that.. Yeah, I know, that thing gary's holding ain't even a trainer card.. lol
  3. Let's train non-evolving pokemon!

    1. CyrusZathen


      It'ill be pretty boring Q.Q

    2. Raseruu


      everything is boring when you do it.

    3. CyrusZathen


      Is not boring if you glad to do the things you want -.-

  4. woot my Xatu is in the pic :D and me too!
  5. Hoenn Rocks! PokeMMO Thank you for making this available online! I liek Mudkipz.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Raseruu


      It ain't boring for me! It updates all the time, and there are so many new cards, so It's all fun!

      KojimaShigure plays it with me at school :D

    3. Raseruu


      I know him. He's my classmate dude.

    4. CyrusZathen


      Who you're talking to @[email protected]?

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