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  2. Are you still alive? :)

  3. YOLO had 1 first place and 1 second place finish.
  4. Any plans to implement something like this?
  5. Soooo happy for you Glu, you've wanted that win for a long time and you finally got it :D <3
  6. I was speaking to a few people and I think the ability to watch a replay without needing to wait the time it took for the players to perform their actions in the matchwould be useful- instant replays with no timer. A button to skip turns could also be useful as well or as an alternative.   One con with this currently is you could skip enough turns to see your next opponent's team so I guess this goes along with the disabling of replays during a tourney suggestion , only after the tourney they can be viewed.
  7.   Will all standard officials be set to 64 now? There have been a few officials recently with double the sign ups and not all were made 64 , with less staff needed to host I hope this is the case. By what Shu said, a 64 man with 32 sign ups will be scaled down to 32 so I don't see a reason why not?   Wasn't sure where to post this but just wanted to check.
  8. With the advanced search in the global trade hub, I thought it would be nice if we could search our PC boxes through ivs,egg group etc... This is useful if you have a box of the same poke and need to find a 31 in a certain stat. I realise we are now able to release once we catch but if you have alts hoarding old breeders this is incredibly helpful when finding things to trade on the hub.
  9. Hey Zeb :) What time is best for you this week? Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9 GMT +1 onwards are all good for me

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    2. Leorodo


      Yep, 5 hours

    3. BurntZebra


      4 pm edt on saturday? (1 hour before the doubles tournament)

    4. Leorodo


      That's fine with me, see you then

  10. Hey what timezone are you at? I can play everyday this week not sure about the weekend though. Im gmt +3 btw

    1. Leorodo


      Hey :) I'm GMT+1. Friday, Saturday, Sunday are best for me. How is Friday 8 GMT+1?

    2. iosifman


      probably i'll make it but if something change i'll let you know for sure

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