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  1. Since 2013 I've been off and on, but I finally reached 1,000 hours. https://i.imgur.com/zP9Rr8J.png
  2. Hello, I tried download the mods but the mod itself is just a .mod and not really in a zip archive... I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  3. Me and a lot of people are getting up to 36k ping, and the loading times are unbearable, especially when I'm in mid-battle. I don't know what's going on atm. 10:04AM Just got disconnected and can't log on.
  4. I followed the instructions:   1) Select Lunar IPS 2) Select IPS 3) select clean version of Fire Red rom   It brought me to this when I logged into my account's character. I was able to access chat but not other things.    http://s814.photobucket.com/user/xXTyler_PhotoXx/media/ikaru%20patch%20glitch_zps5idzmv7j.png.html?sort=3&o=3
  5. I chose Charmander of course. Then bred that for some weird reason and for Hoenn I chose Mudkip.
  6. When you start the game off, you expect there to be a Potion like in the original game. However, in this MMO, this is not the case. it makes it 1.5x harder to defeat especially if you have a Bulbasaur as starter since it's not really an attacker. It'd help greatly if the Potion were to be added in the storage.
  7. Munya. Munya business. >_> Jk. Lol. How are you?

  8. So F12 is great and all, especially for when you are not wanting to see a lot of users in chat. However, there are some things that don't make the feature so appealing... For example, I'd like to view my bag or other of those necessities. Oh, yeah. And the PC in the Pokemon Center, when in F12, you cannot view it... Unless there is some way to fix that, please add this as apart of the update.
  9. Thanks for the link! So it'll provide rematches for gym leaders and such as well?
  10. But the Poke Nav isn't even implemented?
  11. True, I understand that now. But, it would be great for more experience, especialy if you have beat the story and the league and all of that and are just in it for the experience as I said.
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