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  1. But there's so many pokés. How would i know wich ones are changed
  2. You'll learn to hate it soon enough.
  3. That guy that came back a couple times and then left for a couple months only to come back again etc.
  4. I don't think i want to know what's going on here.

  5. everyone you know is dead -correct run while you can -i will walk thank you very much.   there is no escape -again correct
  6. I suppose i'm back...   for now..   anyways, see ya later fellahs
  7. i probably had no idea it was out yet or i meant january. lemme double check. Edit: i went away on the 4th of january.
  8. Me in january: i will go away, ill be back when hoenn is out. Couple days later: Dangit hoenn is out. Me: IM BACK TO HAUNT YOU ALL! sorry im tired. But im back.
  9. *comes back after a couple weeks. 22 notifications: Ploegy changed her status, etc

  10. Cause your sentences didnt really make sense. Whatevs
  11. Ploegeh how did you like my valentines picture vnv
  12. Ploegy..... my avatar..... its no more ;n;
  13. Knowing you.... yeah you're gonna do nothing
  14. But now you give us a non-lazy picture. Gwaaghblgblgyrglbh.
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