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  1. I'm just saying, but time is money. If you are into comp you'd rather spent your time making pokemon with relevant pvp strategies because most of those are irrelevant in the pve case of 5-6 matches in a row. I assumed that the guy's issue is that he doesn't want to grind the elite four and what I suggested is the quick way to get on with it and continue with the rest of the game.
  2. If you are having trouble beating elite 4 just use revives, full restores, max potions and the likes.
  3. I haven't played much in a while but I'm pretty sure gym rematches is the most reliable way to quick cash. Grind a high level team and get started.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but the game was and is dying even though there was the great achievement of introducing Unova. It's logical to make changes so you can save your game but yet again you mess up your existing players. Well, at least you make it easier for newcomers to get into competitive and I hope in the long run it will pay off but from the way the game is heading I don't see it. The game needs goals and if you could stop fking over your players with every update that would be nice but historically that's a tradition.
  5. But there is no logic in calling it a problem. You don't gain anything from beating elite four therefore it's a bad investment if you invest pokemon to beat it. If pvp is someone's goal, it would be better to just beat elite four as fast as possible and actually make pokemon for pvp.
  6. How is fighting 6 fights pve back to back preparation for pvp? lol Anyway, the easiest and most approachable way is just steroiding you pokemon. If you make pokemon just to beat e4 is just a waste of time and resources, at least in the first case is just resources, if the cap was higher you would just have to level your pokemon a little more and not make any to counter them or invest in potions.
  7. The point is that there are two ways, one buy a lot of potions and steroid your whatever pokemons you have and second invest time and get prepared. With the level restriction being so low the first one is faster and you don't really have to prepare. If you could level your pokemon to 65 or something, people would invest time into leveling. Preparing pokemon just to counter the elite four is always the best option but there is really no actual reward from doing it.
  8. Just make the level restriction 60-65, 56 is ridiculous. What's really the point of having to use a ton of potions and revives? It's not that it's that hard to win the e4, eventually you will do it but it's just stupid to not get rewarded for the time investing preparing pokemon but instead to get rewarded for buying 30 revives-potions.
  9. I had the same impression when I used ultra ball for some shitty story line pokemon and none got caught plus a good percentage of failed pokeballs. I can't tell for sure since the number is very low(3 ultra balls) and I'm not very familiar with the catch rates of gen 5 but since you mentioned it...
  10. you can run it on a virtual machine until then
  11. Looking For You

    1. milluki


      I will probably come back when the update hits or something. Right now i'm busy + i don't really have something to do in game.

    2. FinnTheMember


      Roger. When you come back, i'll be there for take your soul. You can run, but you can't hide. Muhahahaha.

  12. I wanna give you a present at christmass. Do you want anything? xD

    1. milluki


      That's very nice of you.

      Of course I wouldn't request something particular, give me anything you want, I appreciate your intention.

  13. The suggestion is a useless feature in the sense that it doesn't address any issue. An individual can be annoying/abusive and hence the ignore/block feature, a thread can not be abusive. With the structure of the forum as it is (you can't see the content of a thread unless you click on it) it doesn't add anything to how the forum works. The bold blue and the triggering argument is at least laughable. Even then maybe a "mark read" per thread would suffice.
  14. I have no doubt that an administrator can access those without reading the privacy policy and I don't think that moderators(cms whatever you call it, people that don't have administrative rights) have access. Are the "i lost my shiny pls ban" kind of requests being handled by admins?
  15. Chatlogs? So you are suggesting that they not only keep logs of whispers but they are available to moderators as well? That's a huge fucking privacy hole. It's not clear if you are referring to that exactly but I hope no one thinks like that. The problem with this situation is the lack of reliable evidence. Screenshots are not. Stories are not. And another thing is that communication can be done outside the game, lets say that i want to get someone banned, i can contact him in real life (no evidence whatsoever, skype call etc) and tell him that i will give him for free a shiny. Then claim that i lend him my shiny but wont give it back.
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