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  1. rest in peace my friend.

  2. Even thought girls are lazy to go full mode on a one-on-one, now i'm able to see a knee on my forehead somehow. Thanks for the new fear.
  3. I always played soccer as a goalkeeper, today i got kicked several times...
  4. I went for my morning jog, but the streets were crowed because someone jumped to the metro ​ :unsure:.   So i decided to get a coffee instead, while i was getting to the shop i notice a bunch of ~16 years old kids sitting next to the door and one overweight girl.   As i get closer the kids whistle at me, i take my phone outside to avoid eye contact. But i heard the girl saying she's not even hot. I walked more slowly and did a whole eye scanning of her and just smirked, i heard some Ohhh's and laughs inside the shop.
  5. shit you got me (oh god my sides)
  6. I want a second cat but i'm not sure if i should get one :(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. fredrichnietze
    3. Sialia


      I'm scared of my old cat hating him, i don't know how to handle that.

    4. Blue


      Get a female so they can breed and make kitties \o/

  7.   Woah alaska, you better start cutting trees with an axe then
    1. Sialia


      Please no

    2. Sialia


      You lack veins and mostly arms, sorry.

    3. Sialia
  8. Now you just need someone to copulate, y-your hand doesn't count. <3 EDIT: Don't google Dad Boobs, i'm not sure what i was expecting...   Also bought new shoes, second time using them :D [spoiler][/spoiler]
  9. So today i found this website on reddit, that helped me get some daily meals ideas while staying on my daily cal limit. You can make an account and they are more paid features, but i'm lazy to register i just "regenerate" and type down the ones i liked.   Now i'm having fun reading all the recipes of the things i'll have to learn... Edit: You can hover the dishes and get info about them [spoiler][/spoiler]
  10. I always tought this thread was about Tohou and those kind of chats...   Anyways i'm trying to recover a old shoulder injury and i'm finally lifting and doing squats with weight now. Good luck on your first day eggplant :)
  11. Sialia

    It is I,

    Better luck next time Josh
    1. Toira


      Omg thank you mah love <3

  12. Meow ~ Cute avatar!

    1. Sialia


      Heey noad :), take a cat video

    2. Noad
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