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  1. XPLOZ

    Music General Thread

    New mix that I played at a student party a few days ago: https://www.mixcloud.com/Amoritmik/sextu-de-rentrée-white-house-club-electr-house-big-room/ Enjoy!
  2. XPLOZ

    Music General Thread

    Hi guys, brand new mix there : https://www.mixcloud.com/Amoritmik/mix-session-2-trap-bass/ It's Trap & Bass, put it at your parties and turn up the BASS.
  3. XPLOZ

    Music General Thread

    Hi guys, if you like electronic music, listen to my last mix : https://www.mixcloud.com/Amoritmik/estu-psycho-white-house-club-v2/ I played it at a student party 3weeks ago. Enjoy !
  4. XPLOZ

    Town of Salem Thread

    There is a new update guys. - Elo bug fixed (this is huge, there will now be some challenge and the game will become really interesting at high elo) - Game available in Spanish - New skins -...
  5. XPLOZ

    Town of Salem Thread

    A game where only Jester won lmao (ranked game)
  6. XPLOZ

    Town of Salem Thread

    Best Veteran Night 1
  7. XPLOZ

    Town of Salem Thread

    this game
  8. Each week the players of a team meet in a council and vote for the weakest link. PSL "There will only be one left" Edition. Would be epic af.
  9. Yo my bad dude, I sent you a message about PSL but it was in an old message thread and I didn't notice you had left. When are you free to play this week?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Gunthug


      Haha you never responded yo my last message, didn't know you would be there 

    3. XPLOZ


      Leggo now very fast 

    4. Gunthug
  10. XPLOZ

    The things you enjoy about PokeMMO

    Thanks bro I'm gonna give some support to this option
  11. XPLOZ

    The things you enjoy about PokeMMO

    I enjoy farming berries and hunting shinies all day :-)
  12. Wtf is that question, everyone knows that the best player of all time is the great XPLOZ @Noad you can lock the thread
  13. I'm sad :-( Even sadder when it's been scammed

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