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  1. I am surprised too that MISC didn't choose doubles. Lkrenz was an absolute monster this season, and it's BO3 so RNG can't really run the match. There is no way that I could have won this, as I'm totally inactive on PokeMMO. Lordof would have been our best option. We'll see if this was the right decision I guess. EDIT : fun fact : 4 MVPs out of 6 will play during those tiebreakers. It should be amazing to watch.
  2. I'll give the 500k prize to Raptori. I feel like he desserves it more since he won against me. This was the battle for the title imo. Sure I build all my teams alone but it's a personal choice, I feel more comfortable with my own playstyle. Thanks everyone who voted for me though. The competition was very rough this season: sweetforu, gunthug, btooom, foggi, raptori, kimikozen... I'm glad we managed to raise the DPP level at PSL like that.
  3. http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen4ou-552762752
  4. I'm there if you don't sleep yet
  5. Yooo we can battle today if you want let me know what works best for you 

    1. XPLOZ


      I'd prefer somewhere during the week-end, as I'm a lot busy with school and projects during the week.

    2. Rue21


      I am free all day Sunday hmu when you're ready.

    3. XPLOZ


      Ok let's do it on Sunday

  6. You guys are acting like we throwed this week on purpose... wtf ? All I see is a close 4-6. I personally did my best, even if I didn't have any time to train this week but that's another story. My opponent was just better. You're going way too far for nothing. There had been much worse cases in the history of PSL. I understand that you are mad because you are not into playoffs but that's not because of gb if you lost almost every week.
  7. Thankfully gb is manager, PSL7 would be so boring without him...
  8. The Outraging Lions (0) vs The Human Caterpie (0) OU: Schuchty vs Aerun 500k VGC17: SirVector vs Imabetheverybest 100k Top Kecleons (0) vs VALE (0) VGC17: OldKeith vs Eggplant 500k [MISC] Aesthetics Crew (0) vs Giant Legends (0) OU: Gypss vs belieberboy 100k UU: Predakiller vs NikhilR 100k
  9. No one else wanted to buy zeiko, at least he had a chance to play in gb's team lol.
  10. Also @DoubleJ I just checked the stats, and there is a little mistake: Guerinf is 4-0 in UU, not 3-1. Thanks in advance.
  11. It's like dining in a great restaurant: when it's good we do not talk, we taste.
  12. Damn I realize I had 5 of these players in my line-up at season five. RIP !
  13. Don't get mad kid
  14. Yubel is 3-1 too with this activity win