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  1. I just checked, AURA has 1 win and 3 second places, Aw 2 wins and 1 second place so the 2 best teams are Saké and RÑG (tie with 3 wins). France was absolutly dominant !
  2. Yooo we can battle today if you want let me know what works best for you 

    1. XPLOZ


      I'd prefer somewhere during the week-end, as I'm a lot busy with school and projects during the week.

    2. Rue21


      I am free all day Sunday hmu when you're ready.

    3. XPLOZ


      Ok let's do it on Sunday

  3. The Outraging Lions (0) vs The Human Caterpie (0) OU: Schuchty vs Aerun 500k VGC17: SirVector vs Imabetheverybest 100k Top Kecleons (0) vs VALE (0) VGC17: OldKeith vs Eggplant 500k [MISC] Aesthetics Crew (0) vs Giant Legends (0) OU: Gypss vs belieberboy 100k UU: Predakiller vs NikhilR 100k
  4. Lots of bets left.
  5. The Outraging Lions (0) vs Top Kecleons (0) UU: Kanzo vs Guerinf : Taken by Nik (can take multiple bets on this one) UU: xYggdrasilx vs Forfiter The Human Caterpie (0) vs Spartan Warriors (0) OU: Legendl vs Walpayer NU: GymLeaderGaryy vs Jostarr Doubles: DoctorPCP vs Lordofangmar VGC17: imabetheverybest vs Telf VALE (0) vs [MISC] Aesthetics Crew (0) OU: Abdou vs Maekaaay UU: Osuki vs Sebat UU: LeJovi vs Predakiller NU: Miguelez vs Dolittle Doubles: LuisPocho vs Lkrenz VGC17: Rendiz vs Tryss 100k each
  6. 1m on myself, this bet is only for @DaftCoolio
  7. Take my bets left if you are real men.
  8. The Outraging Lions (0) vs [MISC] Aesthetics Crew (0) UU: xSparkie vs Sebat NU: SidClassic vs Lazaaro VGC17: BlueBreath vs xVolvagiax Spartan Warriors (0) vs Giant Legends (0) Doubles: Lordofangmar vs Frags Top Kecleons (0) vs Kakuna Matatas (0) OU: Erayne vs Fipp UU: Forfiter vs aftershocker Doubles: Artemiseta vs OrangeManiac VGC17: OldKeith vs Oltann The Human Caterpie (0) vs VALE (0) OU: Kevola vs BlackJovi OU: Legendl vs Abdou UU: overToasted vs Osuki 100k on each
  9. I didn't ask anything but thanks !
  10. When are you free to get our match done?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. XPLOZ


      *And of course I'll be able to play anytime after 5pm

    3. Spaintakula


      okay, that sounds good

    4. XPLOZ


      I'm there

  11. When you're at the same time 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the DPP OU ladder. ez life
  12. I agree that it is sometimes more a hax fest than anything else (the 2 last TTs with Doubles were quite awful). But I guess it's just Pokemon in general. This game will never be extremely competitive. The first prize of world championships is like 10k dollars lol.
  13. I like doubles brah, it's fast and stable : perfect for a guy who hasn't much time to invest in this game
  14. The dominance of a man