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  1. And it is that way you ruin even more, now how are we going to buy things if the money that the NPCs give is quite low? There is no way to start in your beloved "Economy" you have ruined that aspect, if your methodology is that, then when people make money somewhere else they will also take it away? No, I suppose, I think you did it so that we played longer, and they ruined it.
  2. And is that I keep the same, to lower the level and money to the NPC, the economy will go down when the days pass, a change that will be too obvious for the entire MMO, and that is enough to look at the Global chat to see the number of users dissatisfied with this change, probably many players are going to play Unova, and that is not a hypothesis, it is a reality.
  3. Hi, Staggie! The truth is a pleasure to meet a person as dedicated as you, although I knew your NPC translation guide in Spanish, I admire your wonderful work. Unfortunately NPCs do not increase the payment by doing a revamcha, I waited 6 hours (Wasted) To find exactly the same payment, and same level of Pokemon. Greetings again. Exactly, the topic has no reason to be closed as such, but honestly see a lack of respect for the opinions of others is not something passable, and that's why I generalized it as a "Rat Kid" because wanting to IMPOSE your opinions is not something respectable.
  4. And we continue with the inconsistencies on your part, a pity to discuss with children like that, but nothing can be done, because people like you never change, I hope at least after 15 change your way of thinking and be more open.
  5. Oh, wow! Typical thought of a rat child, how old are you? Go, believe you older simply by being a conformist is something very idiotic hahaha. In fact, have something in mind, when people do not find anything beyond Unova and earn money, what will they do? You are not maintaining your own point of view, you are simply trying to defend the indefensible, for which you lack your own judgment, a pity.
  6. Oh, then all the members that we like to fight with NPCS, do we have to leave the game? Wow, I would be surprised if it happened, because the only ones that would adapt would be the new ones, and because they would be conformists because they did not see a better method. Thanks for showing great idiocy in that comment.
  7. Moreover, if I do not discuss the money, I discuss the experience. I do not care if they want to balance the regions, by doing this they will waste time on their players, who probably want to try alternatives, because a game where you have to dedicate an incredible time to obtain something, which was previously obtained in less time, is not viable for 70% of the players. I lead a team, do you want to know the reactions of the members to see what happened? Yes, they did not like it a bit. If what you want, is to leave players, do it, but honestly have to see the opinion of the members of this game.
  8. And us, Kanto's? Are we destined to be in a loop where we will never get a high income source? To remove the NPC farm, I am COMPLETELY sure that if we were to campaign for many MMO players to come and complain, how many would come? I do not like to breed, do you know why? because the expense of what I created comes from the NPC. It is totally impossible that they have even thought of decreasing the money, people spend TOO MUCH time getting it, and now they will have to wait even longer for them to finally get the amount they expect.
  9. Worse still, we will waste twice as much time as we spent farming, we would spend at least 3 hours a day, now what, all the pokes will decrease to level 20, and we will earn 500 $, because according to what you say, when Johto arrives and Sinnoh, they will reduce us more the money, they will force us to be stuck in front of the PC 6 hours a day to obtain a million in 4 weeks? No, sorry, but by making all regions give similar income we are tied to farm in all of them. Exactly, farmear is even worse with all the good animations, if the economy continues to deteriorate well, I will be honest, it is FULLY probable that they lose several valuable players, because it is really very complicated that we have to be farmeando in all regions, is it what are you looking for?
  10. Is it so difficult to understand my point? I doubt it very much, but good: And those of us who just want to stay in Kanto, are we destined to never get good sums of money and experience? Yes, they made a great effort and I admit it, but everything was fine until I saw that EXPERIENCE also came down! It's not about going region by region, we're talking about KANTO AND HOENN, I'm not very interested in what they do with Unova, but then Kanto and Hoenn where they are, in the background? No, it is disappointing and it will not stop being only because they have added MILLIONS of ways to obtain money, I lasted 12 hours farming 1 million in total money, (Obviously not followed) and now what, I am obliged to spend Unova to obtain the money I need? Thanks to this new method, I was totally without money having the confidence of being able to farm them in another 2 weeks, oh, and what am I? level modifications, from 50 to approximately 36! No, sorry, but it is impossible to share your points, and not because you are not open to them, but because they have no way of staying.
  11. And what else do I do? It is not a suggestion, the update is even more imperfect than the PTS itself, they are forcing us to farm HOURS AND HOURS, from head to toe to take out a small amount of money, now what, are we going to pay the coins with money for real? No, right? In fact I'm sure they will not listen to my suggestion, because they always do so, ensuring economic stability that does NOT exist, I spend 4 hours a day farming 300K with the NPC, which is the only way to get a quick cash , and that even wastes a lot of time, so that in the end they take it away from us, USERS MADE GUIDES, wasting their time to make exact calculations, and what do you do with your work? Wow, how incredible.
  12. Okay, after trying the game for a while I have come to the conclusion that you have not been able to ruin the game anymore, after they REMOVE A LOT OF MONEY FROM THE NPC, REDUCE THE LEVEL EVEN, more people can not be disappointed with these changes. I am one of those who kept awake getting money with the NPC, and now you come to destroy that work in this update. They always do the same thing, first they take the parents in parenting, and now this? I've been playing this for 3 years, and although the 3 years ago version was unstable, it has a great improvement over the updates, because I do not know what you are looking for, but the only thing that attracts users lately is the new ones regions, because thanks to you millions of people left, I do not know if you seek to improve the game or to deteriorate it, but you are managing to damage it to the maximum, it is INCREDIBLE to see that I have wasted so much time in this, so that in the end the only thing they do is to damage the game, throwing it away ALL those days I wasted playing this game. -Gohanea
  13. They do not give anything to understand in that changelog .-.
  14. That shit, now if that ruined the only way to farmear well, so much that it takes time for this : C
  15. Hello friends, I have a big question, what happened to the way to get money in the game? I saw in the Changelog, and this text appears but I honestly do not understand what it refers to: Monetary / EXP scaling of common trainer rematches in Kanto / Hoenn have been rescaled Tier 1 trainers now scale from levels 9 ~ 40 Tier 2 trainers now scale from levels 9 ~ 48 Tier 3 trainers now scale from levels 9 ~ 56 This does not affect instanced / special trainers, such as Gym Leaders or the Elite 4. Honestly, if the coaches have been so low on money, it's a real disappointment. HELP ME!
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