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  1. A special gengar  :blink:  
  2. +1, also a cancel button for rest of tiers would be great .-.
  3. i can see that we havent uploaded something for a while so i will just go for it hue     [spoiler] i will ban you noobs lololol [spoiler]hmmmm ._. Ok just one more c; it will be hot ;D [spoiler] [/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]
  4. im i am a fairy :-: *tears all over the place*  
  5. welcome :D have fun here ^.^
  6. Welcome to the game ^.^ have fun
  7. welcome and good luck with everything  :)
  8. FuzzyLogic


    welcome to the forums  ^_^
  9. welcome man/woman/robot have fun here  :lol:
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