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  1. Yup. First thing I thought of when I saw the Universe 9 angel smirk.
  2. @TheChampionMike Can you close this for now. I'll quote myself for those who haven't seen.
  3. @jhonathanvcc It's a little plain so if you want something added tell me.
  4. Yeah, I made the Steelbird ones. Also as a sidenote, I haven't done anything in a month because I forgot to transfer the source PSD that I used as a template onto my new computer, and the old one's already been wiped, whoops. No worries, I'll be working on something new though, looks like I have competition anyways.
  5. The following is a poster for the universal tournament arc, spoilers ahead.
  6. I know these are incredibly late, but I've been very l̶a̶z̶y̶ busy, don't hurt me. @TiToooo @PikachuKetchum @Mortedesu @Zackyie 2 things. First off, I can't use white, let me know if you want that changed. Second, I just realized that this font doesn't support numbers. Whoops. If you want the text changed, let me know as well. @MrSasax @natsuto @GoldenSunIsaac @GeneralVenican @Torreees @Luxuries
  7. Sorry these are a bit late, been busy lately. @Richardn @MrSasax @yosoyarca @Guillian @natsuto @Ronax @TspdLucasCisneros
  8. Selecting the same colors has no effect. I'd suggest changing one.
  9. @MknsZblex Sorry about that. @DestinyPlus
  10. @Argorok2017 This better?
  11. @MknsZblex @Sunamie @Pereiraa Wasn't exactly fond of the render, if you want it changed let me know. @GoldenSunIsaac @Argorok2017
  12. @xSparkie
  13. @luciano2030 @DrButler @TrainerRuivo @queenjeanne
  14. @kevola