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  1. Let's go bowling

    1. ShinyGoku


      Tarnishing my blank white wall is a sin you know.

  2. Tfw a promotional anime looks better than your mainline one.
  3. ShinyGoku


    Had to fight around 8 others alone from group 2, Twas brutal.
  4. There are credible sources claiming that the Dragon Ball Heroes game is getting an anime adaptation come this July. Should be interesting considering the game is an amalgamation of all of the forms including SS4 and the god forms.
  5. ShinyGoku


    I play on PC occasionally, Almost at 100 solo wins. If anyone wants to play hmu, name is Kazmatic.
  6. As of last episode he has achieved Mastered Ultra Instinct, which isn't a form exclusive to Saiyans. Essentially, the form is the culmination of being able to move without being held back by having to process movements, which, in the show, is represented by being unable to see their attacks. For comparison purposes, this form is more or less around that of the gods, like Beerus.
  7. Jiren's wish has me thinking, wouldn't it be interesting to not only revive his parents, but all those unnecessarily killed? Pretty sure this would be in bounds of the Super dragon balls and make for an interesting plot. Planet vegeta restored, Jiren's parents restored, and Universe 13 (which we've heard nothing of after its introduction)
  8. So much for them being transparent, can't believe I invested so much time and money into this game. Rip
  9. It's been confirmed that this is the final arc for super, ending around march. FeelsBadMan
  10. Episode was great, but I think I preferred re-watching Episode 39 with the English dub. Transformation was spine chilling.
  11. Damn I haven't been his hyped in a long time. Jiren is a fucking monster. Worth the wait.
  12. Oh I must've missed this thread. Paragon name(s): Kazmatic PS4/PC: PC Main Position(s): Offlane, Carry Favourite Hero(s): Wukong, Belica, Murdock Elo: 1408 (Solo Q so you know)
  13. To be fair he did initially use it vs Hit in the manga. I'd assume it was for the same reason even though it wasn't really explained at the time.
  14. Yup. First thing I thought of when I saw the Universe 9 angel smirk.
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