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  1. Ditto Shop

    got dittos
  2. Ditto Shop

  3. Ditto Shop

  4. [Sig] Bryen's Signature Shop [Currently Free]

    - Template1 - Name: JSEE Team: Mr Render: Shiny Speal and/or Shiny Ditto Text color (optional): Shinys colors Stain color (optional): Purple/shinys colors Donation: (My IGN is Bryen) for sure I will donate. ty.
  5. Ditto Shop

  6. Best Qualities of PokeMMO?

    ^^^best post ever muchas gracias lord kyu
  7. Ditto Shop

    taking upgrade offers on all shiny
  8. Good stuff Billla, counted my way to 50,054 encounters for my shiny spheal a month back. Thanks for the counter o7
  9. Billion's Shop

    9m Shiny Carvanha?
  10. Ditto Shop

    Bump for Ditto- lf $$$ will take Shiny also hmu
  11. Ditto Shop

  12. Ditto Shop

    Offer on gud ditto pls
  13. Ditto Shop

    Gud ditto bump
  14. Ditto Shop

    18 days between a bump, why not.
  15. Ditto Shop

    Will get back to both of yall in 8 hours or so cheers

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