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  1. [Money Guide] Community Pickup Guide

    Route 7 UNOVA 100 payday/pickup encounters.... Made $27,450 from payday coins alone. Pickup Ability: 2 Miracle Seed 4 Big Shrooms 1 Tiny Shroom 8 Great Ball 1 Rare Candy 1 Heal Powder 2 Sharp Beak 4 Super Potion 3 Nest Ball 2 Super Repel 4 Plain Sweet Seed 1 Plain Dry Seed 1 Plain Spicy Seed Trainer Pickup: 2 Great Ball 1 Plain Sour Seed 1 Super Potion 2 Repel 1 Plain Bitter Seed 1 Plain Dry Seed
  2. [Sig] Alito's Free Signatures

    Thanks dude much appreciated will mail ya something nice
  3. [Sig] Alito's Free Signatures

    Name : JSEE Team Tag (If you want): Mr Characters/Pokemons : Shiny Tentacool - I killed it accidentally, so like a ghost version shiny tenta or tenta on the cross or tenta in heaven or something Background : anything good with those pokes colors. Probably something light, completely upto you. Additional things (if you want too): ''The Tenta Killer''
  4. First time for me carving out a pumpkin from an interwebz stencil and that shit looks tight yo! Happy Halloween from Australia (yeh its really taken off here).
  5. Halloween 2017

    quick question: Is there still that new years eve party hat (pointy purple/blue hat) from circa 2012/13?
  6. I accidently killed a shiny tenta at 19k encounters. Lmao
  7. lol yeh. 105 exactly, didn't count the RIP ones although never 5get. Certainly have carved out an unprecedented niche in this game. You, Ches, Awk, West and now Kaos, Kall, Rae, Foe and Grey. That list is all time tbh I love it.
  8. Sam finally made it on da list! Congrats everyone! 105 team caught ots since Feb 2016.
  9. [Sig] Bryen's Signature Shop [Currently Free]

    - Template1 - Name: JSEE Team: Mr Render: Shiny Speal and/or Shiny Ditto Text color (optional): Shinys colors Stain color (optional): Purple/shinys colors Donation: (My IGN is Bryen) for sure I will donate. ty.
  10. Best Qualities of PokeMMO?

    ^^^best post ever muchas gracias lord kyu
  11. Good stuff Billla, counted my way to 50,054 encounters for my shiny spheal a month back. Thanks for the counter o7
  12. Billion's Shop

    9m Shiny Carvanha?
  13. SO MUCH HYPE!!! God ivs too, congrats Awk!
  14. Might aswell call this the Chesar and Awks OT Shiny thread congrats boys, again :). Also did Flare win that Oceanic OU tourney last night!? He did.... Congrats Flare !!
  15. OK summary of my week off work, shiny horde hunting in shoal cave. Donator status active, 19k encounters roughly, 1800 leppa roughly for ....... no dice. I will hunt again around Christmas break see you all then!

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