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  1. Good stuff Billla, counted my way to 50,054 encounters for my shiny spheal a month back. Thanks for the counter o7
  2. 9m Shiny Carvanha?
  3. yo Master, nice idea im down. I'l be on in about 2 hours from now for a good hunt on channel 1 - ign JSEEHOLMES
  4. Is hidden power grass Modest Blastoise any good/HP Blastoise in general worth it?
  5. certified lord ! mailing you this arvo
  6. Name: JSEE Team (optional): Mr Background (optional): something land based, anything that fits really, think the more I leave to you the better Render (Pokemon/Character): Shiny Jumpluff & Shiny Ditto & Shiny Paras Additional information (optional): will mail you some in game money this time for your service
  7. I just caught a Wurmple holding a brightpowder :/
  8. Dayummm thank you ! :) because they go well together and your a legend
  9. Hi Draekyn nice cigs bro! You dont know me but hopefully you can do a cig for me, its a first for me. Can pay you Name: JSEE Team (optional): - Background (optional): Pepperoni Pizza or some other junk food Render (Pokemon/Character): Heffer Wolfe from Rockos Modern Life Additional information (optional): the words ''Im lovin it''
  10. Great Guide KaynineXL! Do you think a section about wild caught breeders and 1x31s etc would be beneficial? They sell for 10-14k each very quickly on gtl in my experience. I find this a nice way to make good money after island runs, plus you shiny hunt aswell and get held items and keep the good breeders for your own stuff. Although I find it would be just as fast and efficient as doing an island run just with more rng (either with you or against you).
  11. 5x31 IV shiny ot paras lol and i also picked up 3 silk scarfs in a row a few weeks ago, with 4 out of my first 7 encounters giving me silk scarf that day.
  12. Joined 30 Jan 2013...  Forums like 2.5 years later... irl mates started earlier with ig names like scott lol.  Edit: IGN JSEEHOLMES