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    Notification about unclaimed money on GTL displayed in the same place as notifications about unread mail.
  2. It's already past this time, does it mean we're not getting any more hints?
  3. TMs from Celadon Game Corner need an update. Thunderbolt and Flamethrower are now 7k coins. Edit: same in Mauville.
  4. Hey Noad, question about the time, to make sure. The OP states "10pm GMT", but the Time Conversion link points to 10pm BST (which is GMT+1 really). I suppose 10pm London time is what you meant, but please confirm to avoid confusion, I don't want to miss the event. :)
  5. To be sure: this starts in 1h12m from my post?
  6. Old & new in the same spot: Honestly, when I compare these two pictures, I liked the old one better. The CC2.0 in general looks great, but in this specific case the old black looked better IMO.
  7. The latest update brought the possibility to set a certain channel as preferred. But to do so, we need to be on another channel first, then go to our chosen channel with the checkbox ticked, because when you try just ticking the checkbox on your current channel and click the accept button you get "You can not switch to channel you are currently on". So if we want our current channel to be the preferred one, we need to switch to another and go back, which means waiting two cooldown periods. TL;DR: allow setting current channel as preferred.
  8. Read the allowed Pokemon list in the first post, and rethink your question
  9. Maybe implement an SQL-like query language :D So we can write custom and advanced queries in the search bar, like: "Species = Pikachu AND SPE = 31 AND HP+ATT+DEF+SPATT+SPDEF+SPE > 168 AND Nature IN (Timid, Naive)" or "(EggGroup = Chaos OR EggGroup = Fairy) AND SPE = 31 AND (HP > 25 OR DEF > 25) AND Gender = Male AND Shiny = No" Ahh, programmer's dream ^_^
  10. Yes, why not. I'd probably prefer to use it myself instead of going through the menu. But also I think that most (if not all) keyboard actions should have a clickable equivalent in the GUI. Less experienced players may not be used to keyboard shortcuts. That being said, our ideas could be combined so everyone can use this feature the way they like ;)
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