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  1. Shiny male Abra 31hp price check please?
  2. Thank you for clearing that up ^^
  3. Is it true that the level of your pokes changes the amount of cash gym leaders give you? If this is true whats the difference in cash between a team of pokes that are lower or higher to the level of the gym leaders pokes?
  4. Your only option is to download a mod ""if one exists""
  5. Lucky eggs was always gonna get changed and go down in value. This is due to the fact sinnoh is around the corner. Chansey can be caught somewhere other then a safari zone ^^ Everything else that got "nerfed" was only done for the benefit of the overall community/economy.
  6. Whats the purpose of this? A little more explanation would go a long way.
  7. With sinnoh coming soon and the way the current meta stands. Is a Jolly metagross with agility worth making? Also how would it fair in gym rematches and such?
  8. Would a full team of gengars with destiny bond be a OP strategy against gym rematches? Or is there some kinda rule or something that would stop this in its tracks? Theory strategy: Take out the first gym leaders pokemon with a normal move from a gengar. Then spam destiny bond sacrificing all but one of your gengars? Rince and repeat for all gym leaders?
  9. Easy: Make 9 alts. Run a laptop, pc, android phone all at once and do a gym run on each. Once you done the first 3 switch to the next 3 alts and repeat until all 9 have been done. Make more then 9 alts if you are burning through the gym runs to fast Only thing thats a little bit of a pain about this method of farming is you will need 3+ full teams of comp pokemon. Which is very costly to setup
  10. Omg this is the cutest thing i have seen come out of this game Congratulations btw
  11. Grinding is all well and good at the moment something like ditto catching or trainer running is probably the meta for grinding. But Trading with people is the fastest way to make cash in the game and has been since day one
  12. Just an option in the GTL to search though recently sold pokes and items. Even if its only daily it stores the information it would be pretty excellent information. Ebay does this with no downsides and has done for many years! So this can only enhance the Pokemmo experience imo. Lets see some pros and cons. And if this has been asked before would someone mind linking it to this one?
  13. I have it on good authority that these will be going up in value sooner rather then later. Its the time to buy them up whilst their price is low. Easy profit for the near'ish future
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