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  1. This thread is about what people expect about future updates.   If you let genderless breed with other genderless, this doesn't mean the end of breeding with ditto. For example, if you want to breed a good Beldum and if you already have a good Lunatone, then catch 2 good Ditto to breed with both Beldum and Lunatone and then finally breed the new born Beldum and Lunatone !   The only problem I can see is what species the new born will be (Beldum ? Lunatone ? Maybe we'll need to $$$ to choose the species...)   This way will probably change economy of genderless but when I see random Metang with 2/3*31 and sh*t nature being sold at 500k on trade chat, it's kinda fcked anyway
  2. Too much work for a useless content imo
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