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  1. I'll start by saying that I did in fact just make a really lame Simpsons and Pokemon joke. I'm full of bad jokes.   Now! Onto the true purpose of this thread that shall be sown into the very fabric that is this game's forums!   I am Caxyl, veteran player of all handheld and console versions of Pokemon since the series launched.... I feel old now... I digress! I am a very casual player and have never really taken joy in competing with my Pokemon parties, so if you challenge me you can probably expect me to decline. When I do battle though I assure you that I am only doing it to assess your party for my amusement. I'll lose more oft than naught, but if I win you'll probably get a few observations in a message on where I see potential and possible improvements.   Apart from not battling I enjoy a peaceful stroll through Viridian Forest and a moonlit walk on the coasts of Seafoam Islands. My favorite Pokemon would probably have to be Raticate and my least favorite is probably Roselia.   Ciao for now,     ~Caxyl
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