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  1. Maekaaay

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    i take nab
  2. Maekaaay

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    i take
  3. Maekaaay

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Unfortunately it will become "Unknown OT" if i breed it
  4. Maekaaay

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    @Parke my bad @Aerun
  5. Maekaaay

    Value Advice

    thx ! :D
  6. Maekaaay

    Value Advice

    it's jolly, what do you think ? :p
  7. Maekaaay

    [PSL X] Red Scale

    Forum Profiles and Sigs : @MaatthewMLG OP MaeKaaay @Maekaaay Axellgor @Axelgor stairway @stairway VadimEmpoleon @VadimEmpoleon XPLOZ @XPLOZ yangsam @yangsam YettoDie @YettoDie Schuchty @Crazyhell Zigh @Zigh Risadex @Risadex Rikoudo @Rikoudo59
  8. Roster Manager MaeKaaay Captain Axellgor Players stairway VadimEmpoleon XPLOZ yangsam YettoDie Schuchty Zigh Risadex Rikoudo Big thanks to @MaatthewMLG for that dank logo !
  9. wouldn't it be nice to know who are the potential SM OU players before voting ?
  10. Maekaaay

    [PSL X] Manager Sign-Up Thread

    IGN: MaeKaaay PokeMMO Team: Ă„URA Experience: PSL 4 - Unexpected Flying Octillery (Playoffs) PSL 5 - The Raging Lions (1st place) PSL 6 - West High Knights then traded to Cuboned (Playoffs) PSL 7 - [MISC] Aesthetics Crew then traded to VALE (Playoffs) PSL 8 - Flocking Buzzwoles (Playoffs) PSL 9 - Black Beatles (Playoffs) Motivation: As you may know, I haven't been selected last season and I want to prove it was a bad call. Since I know the existence of PSL, I never missed a single season. With this event, I got some of my best memories IG and that's mostly because of the managers i got. I learned a lot from them, now i'd like to manage myself and add all the good aspect i have seen so far in my way to do things. I won PSL as a player, it's now time to win it as a manager. Fluff: LF trades
  11. Maekaaay

    MMO FPL fantasy draft r2

  12. Maekaaay

    Football discussion thread

    nice jouk
  13. Maekaaay

    Football discussion thread

    The problem is that clubs are blocking players nowadays, that's not something i like but i also feel they don't have any other options if they really want to leave. Courtois will be free in a year moreover so Chelsea has been kinda dumb. yh it's the 3rd year of Mourinho, will the curse continue? haha

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