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  1. This was already brought up here: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/89574-catch-rate-revert/&page=0#comment-1574022 Got a whopping 31 upvotes (which is high from what I have seen). People that upvote this topic should maybe also upvote the old one. To get a better representation of how much people want this to happen. Not that I expect the devs to care. I honestly gave up on caring to improve this game with suggestions and bug reports after I realised their idea of a good game is just wasting your time as much as possible. From what I can tell if it hinders
  2. Here is my take on the whole "value" thing: Any time spend in any game that isn't engaging is a waste of time. In the case of EV training the engaging part is finding the most optimal way to do it, finding the right location and time to initiate horde battles, using exp.share to EV train multiple pokemon .etc. Waiting for some HP bars to deplete or running back to a Pokemon Center every 4 battles isn't engaging and just wastes my time. Time I could be spending doing more enjoyable or usefull things. And I dont think that removing the wait makes the engaging part invalid as having t
  3. Wouldnt count on this being implemented. They already limited you to using sweet scent four times. Even you have two sweet scenters in your party. Forcing you to go back to the Pokemon Center every four horde encounters. All in the name of "balancing". It seems Pokemmo is designed to be grindy and inconvenient just for the sake of it. And making horde encounters quicker would probably ruin this " balance". As for the technical aspect, really depents on how flexible the engine is. If a lot of things depend on how things currently are then it's a problem. If Pokemon fainting and the
  4. Pokemmo disconnects me since the most recent patch all the time as well. And I'm on wifi close to the access point. It's not unplayable as it only happens like every 30min and you can just log back in and continue where you left off but still odd that it worked fine before. Other issues I have are UI related. Most menus work fine and are adjusted for the smaller screen but there are a few that aren't scalled properly (the berry planting menus have this issue) and some just look plain broken (tournament listing for example). Both are difficult to use but not impossible.
  5. Since the last update am I unable to open the menus for the Pokémon from the party list on the right. I can still drag them around but tapping on them doesn't open the menu like it used to before the update. Before I make a bug report I would like to know if anybody else has this issue. Am using the NVidia Shield Tablet K1 running Lineage OS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2). Desktop client works fine btw.
  6. What about my solutions? Those don't have this negative effect of people breezing through the game. At worst it given them a slight advantage until they completed the next gym. And in my case this is a big problem. I don't just have to make a temporary makeshift team or not use one or two pokemon to get through one gym which only have one type. I have to either grind an entire new makeshift team (all my main mon are above lvl 60) together or buy one (and with how time consuming it is to get money after the update this is a bigger issue than it might seem) to defeat the entire E4.
  7. I wasn't aware you simply couldn't level above the cap. So sorry about that. That said, the rest of your reply just boils down to "You're SOL, go restart your hours of progress". First of all, this could be entirely avoided. Simply don't enforce this rule on OT Pokemon that are obtained prior to the update and are above the level cap while still preventing them from leveling up until they are below the cap again. If that is too much to ask, have an option to level down Pokemon that are above the current cap. So players can atleast continue playing with their
  8. In my Hoenn Playthrough: I have all the badges, am at Victory Road, have all my Pokemon higher than 60 (Around 62-ish) (which seems to be the new cap, even with all badges) before the update and am now royaly screwed. I have to rebuild an entire team from scratch now because they keep killing themselves. And Lvl 60 isn't even that radiculous if you fail the E4 a few times midway through! It's totally possible you have a bit of bad luck or just didn't optimise your team well enough to have to practially re-play the entire game just because you leveled up a bit too much. Having them kill t
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