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  1. Hi, i need ev training service
  2. LegendP

    EXP. Share

    where do u get that exp
  3. I can battle rightnow or tomorrow in morning, like 8 am edt

    1. kevola


      I'm online now and will be on for a few hours

  4. your box is full it seems so i post that here :


    i'm free wednesday, thursday, friday and sunday.

    Is there any day that you prefer ? if yes, what would be the time you'd like ? (my time zone is CEST)

    1. LegendP


      I can right now, but if u cant, i can tomorrow any hour

    2. Maekaaay


      Yep can't right now sorry but tomorrow is perfect.

      around 9-10 pm CEST sounds ok for you ?

    3. LegendP


      yeah its ok

  5. Name: Legend Team: Aw Pokemon/render: Hashimara Senju Donation (if you want): 20k
  6. Amazing man really like it, thanks
  7. Name: Legend Team (optional): Aw Background (optional): A storm Render (Pokemon/Character): Ursaring
  8. thanks bro, amazing work love it
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