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  1. pikabuuh

    Event High Scores. Road to 50.

    Day 2 50's definitely possible if you've got time for it. We didnt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. pikabuuh

    Berries die during maintenance?

    You are fine bro. Desu will extend the growtime, so nothing will happen to berries during the maintenance
  3. pikabuuh

    Berries die during maintenance?

    Aaaah it's much appreciated! Can imagine i wouldn't be the only one affected by this. Keep up the great work!
  4. pikabuuh

    Berries die during maintenance?

    Ok, i was afraid of this. I planted all 189 spots with berries for 76 hours and this was before the announcement, so im not sure how to account? I suppose we could use an earlier warning in the future. I might just lose 3m worth of berries + the seeds spent on planting the 189 plants. Is it just too bad, or should i send a complaint if they all die? Also can you confirm that he harvest will decrease during the 8 hour wilt time? So harvesting withing first hour makes for the highest profit?
  5. pikabuuh

    Berries die during maintenance?

    Alrighty, good to know. Hopefully it won't take more than 8 hours or i might be screwed. Just my luck :|
  6. Hi I'm just wondering if anybody knows weather or not the servers are "paused" during maintenance? I'm afraid i wont get to pick up my berries in time, and im not sure what i could do to prevent this since the maintenance was anounced less than 76 hours before the maintenance. o/
  7. pikabuuh

    "Are you sure you want to evolve your pokemon?"

    I've accidently evolved my wynaut twice this evening. Im such a noob!   Im all for what's best for the majority! Just gotta pay better attention (:
  8. I'm sure i'm not the only one who accidently evolved a poke too soon. This could be helped if you had to actually press YES to evolve it.   We can relearn all moves with shrooms, in case we evolved it too late, but theres no way to devolve our pokes (nor should there be. this isnt digimon).            
  9. pikabuuh

    new ev training guide with sweet scent

    Also speed EV are 100% horde at first bush south of Isl 7 pokemart. Either meowths and persians or spearows and fearows. 
  10. pikabuuh

    new ev training guide with sweet scent

    I recommend using lvl 100 rapidash with run-away ability, and heatwave. This way you can easily run away from wrong hordes + ohko them all with 1 move.   Good job on guide so far (:
  11. pikabuuh

    (Updated) The Berry Farming Guide

    They completely removed the farm location on route 111.
  12. pikabuuh

    (Updated) The Berry Farming Guide

    When i got up this morning, all 9 plants were dead(though never flooded), but i just left them dead. Got home from work 8 hrs later, and three out of nine were still dead. Rest fully grown.   Now I have a bug where 2 out of 6 plants grew 0 berries. When i say yes to "picking up the berries", it says [IGN] left the berry unpicked.    I cant remove the tree, so now i have two slots less for my farm. Anyone else had this problem?     "You found 0 pecha berry!"   "Do you want to pick up the berry? - YES"   " [IGN] left the berry unpicked"     EDIT: NVM my plants died after doing this post, so now i can replant new ones. ^still weird though
  13. pikabuuh

    (Updated) The Berry Farming Guide

    Im not sure what i did right, but i got 10x chesto berries from three of my trees just now :S  
  14. pikabuuh

    PVP Mystery Box and what it contains

    Very helpful thread!!   Our team got far:    3x Mental Herbs 8x Lansat Berry 5x Protein 5x PP Max 5x Rare Candy 1x Purple Dye 1x Upgrade 10x Max Elixir   And here is SS of Cloud Nest Hat           And the Knit Hat Soturnus posted in https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/62254-pvp-mystery-box/    

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