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  1. Good stuff! 29 OTs Total: 765.405 Average: 28,348 SRIF
  2. Hi and sorry for the late reply. You're right, underlined = 100% encounter. Misdreavus and Murkrow was underlined because i added links to them - i can see how that can be confusing unless you try to press them. I've updated Lost Cave and i will fix the broken links whenever i get the time. Thanks for the reminder o/
  3. SRIF \o/ 27 OTs Dog Challenge 6/8 caught King Challenge 2/6 caught
  4. hahah, I've had so much fun in Altering Cave today. Ty for the charm @Spxter SRIF - Hang in there everyone! Altering Cave
  5. For a very long time my mind's been running treecks on me 23985 eggs total 51935 single encounters 1015 hours since last shiny kinda sus BUT WE DID IT! <3
  6. click on their name in chat and whisper them your poke. or manually type /w LordHydra <message>
  7. I was wondering of ways to make Altering Cave great again. Personally i still like most the cycles, even without shuckle, but i feel it has potential to be much more. There has already been some suggestions in the past - this should sum it up; Different active cycles for Kanto and Hoenn More cycles - could change each month/season Make the mons spawn at a higher level Buff spawn rate of Bagon and Absol Change Cycle 4 - its only good for catching flying breeders Add hordes to the cycle Add dungeons to the game - Altering Cave would be a fitting name and place for these Current Cycles (-Shuckles, +zubat)
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