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  1. Wobbuffet!? Wynaut!! haters gonna hate
  2. 93965 mixed encounters 29 days since last shiny 16th OT: SamuelJackson - Average: 30172 - SRIF
  3. Shoal Cave Updated Snorunt 100% x5 @Shoal Cave B1 (Night) (Hoenn) 50/50 Sealeo during morning and daytime. Thank you @Spxter
  4. Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Lick Lick Lick Lick Lick Lick Lick
  5. Oof, Nice spotted! Location has been fixed, thank you
  6. Personally ive avoided tentas for a long time, but you're right. Its a great spot for high level spdef close to a pc. I might add that one location.
  7. Lost Cave Confirmed Murkrow/Misdreavus/Golbat @Lost cave (Night) (Right > Down) (Kanto)
  8. Damn, this was definitely a x5 horde when i first made the guide (rip indeed). I will correct it right away. Thank you very much for confirming with screenshot. It's very much appreciated!
  9. BUH! 100% x5 Horde in mt. Pyre top floor GG @Fixedgaming, I hope you find yours soon
  10. I think the guide is close to complete now, so if @Edniss or @DemonicDax could take a look and move it to Guide Tavern i'd appreciate it. I will keep looking for stuff to add to Hordes of Interest, but i think its safe to take it out of Work in Progress. Suggestions and corrections are very welcome!
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