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  1. Hi o/ Nice shop! Could you please level my umbreon from 52 -> 100? I'll mail it +100k if ok o7
  2. your profile pic is a thing of beauty

    1. pikabuuh


      haha i love this thing




      Weepinbell + any poke

  3. Mission accomplished \o/ Route 118 5 months, 182´213 total encounters. 1 Mightyena, 2 Linoones, 1 Wingull Found with 5 minutes left of a 30 days donator status.
  4. Hey @MathewMat and @ozzie1550 If you will have me, I’d like to re-join the team :3 I will hit you up in-game next time i see you. ign: samueljackson
  5. This was a bit tricky, but seems to possible through Smeargle > Delibird > Mudkip Sketch off a Vanillite at lvl 19, or hit me up ingame in an hour when meowth event is over. I can help you out. Ign: SamuelJackson
  6. totally appropriate and best EDIT EZ keks dee
  7. You have obtained 1 Russian Doll from the Mystery Box
  8. Day 2 50's definitely possible if you've got time for it. We didnt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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