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  1. One month left until winter arrives! Hunt while you can // The wait is almost over Winter Hordes - April, August, December
  2. Hey, im' looking for ditto hunters who wants to sell full boxes of bad dittos. I pay fair and got plenty of box space. IGN: SamuelJackson
  3. Good stuff, i wish everyone kept track of their encounters. I'm sure there're some crazy succes and horror stories out there. My longest hunts were Druddigon 94k and a Linoone 102k (x3 hordes). My shortest hunts were Growlithe 649 encounters and Lickitung ~50 encounters. I've taken notes for all my shiny hunts, if you want to check em out - My Shinies Good Luck with Sealeo!
  4. Proof or a confirmation from devs would be appreciated! Or maybe its just part of the mystery :(
  5. If its still there, and just how rare it is, i dunno.
  6. Great guide! If everyone knew this stuff we could clean up GTL in no time! I'm pretty sure that what you refer to is commonly known as "Sniping".
  7. Spring has arrived at last! Happy grinding, everybody o/
  8. The Seasons change the 1st of every month. Winter is in April, August and December
  9. F Im glad you got him in the end tho :d For anyone else wondering about perish song horde:
  10. You can find all horde locations in this guide, but i dont think anyone has made a guide for Moves and single encounter locations I went through every poke in the dex and manually typed it into a .doc -_- I would love to be able to Ctrl F a location to see all the single encounters that spawn there. Would be a really helpful feature for the dex imo. Good luck with your project o/
  11. Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right yw
  12. Rød grød med fløde, leggo!
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