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  1. I was wondering of ways to make Altering Cave great again. Personally i still like most the cycles, even without shuckle, but i feel it has potential to be much more. There has already been some suggestions in the past - this should sum it up; Different active cycles for Kanto and Hoenn More cycles - could change each month/season Make the mons spawn at a higher level Buff spawn rate of Bagon and Absol Change Cycle 4 - its only good for catching flying breeders Add hordes to the cycle Add dungeons to the game - Altering Cave would be a fi
  2. nnnnNO! xd Basculins Tentacrools Peligulls
  3. This topic was a fun read ^^ My first shiny was a troll. After +1500h I decided to make a 6x0 Sunkern - ofc thats when rng decides to strike /o\
  4. FYI: Swellow has a 100% x5 horde in the north-west part of route 115, Hoenn.
  5. Am i the only one with post-event-depression? 8 months until Halloween, it kills me every year. Thank you devs, for pulling off an amazing event! Dungeons when?
  6. Happy Lunar every one! inba ox items! what do you think we'll get? Tauros Tritail, Bouffalant Afro, Miltank Udder?
  7. It sounds like you didn't customize your chat settings and language settings? Imo the chat system is close to perfect! Qué?
  8. ah yes i see, i dont mention multiple hordes of the same mon in the same area, but i'll make an exception for you xd
  9. Did you try the dark grass north east? it should be 100% Bibarel there
  10. man, it took me a few tries to go 200+ - lag and distractions being your worst enemies. Eggstremely eggshausting and eggspensive method - but seems to be the best way to charm
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