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  1. Am i the only one with post-event-depression? 8 months until Halloween, it kills me every year. Thank you devs, for pulling off an amazing event! Dungeons when?
  2. Happy Lunar every one! inba ox items! what do you think we'll get? Tauros Tritail, Bouffalant Afro, Miltank Udder?
  3. It sounds like you didn't customize your chat settings and language settings? Imo the chat system is close to perfect! Qué?
  4. ah yes i see, i dont mention multiple hordes of the same mon in the same area, but i'll make an exception for you xd
  5. Did you try the dark grass north east? it should be 100% Bibarel there
  6. man, it took me a few tries to go 200+ - lag and distractions being your worst enemies. Eggstremely eggshausting and eggspensive method - but seems to be the best way to charm
  7. Hell yeah! Sign me up for #44 pls <3 Ign JamuelSackson
  8. <3333 I was thinking people might be interested in the before/after image :3 You're a true artist!
  9. oof, nicely spotted! I'll make sure to add Deerling to Dragonspiral Tower. And technically you're right, the grass is 2 tiles north of Iccirus City :d Ima call it Dragonspiral Tower Pre Area.
  10. Yeah we lucked out and found 3 random robot parts in a single run. We found parts in blue gift ~12 hours ago, maybe you are just unlucky :/
  11. A 2-boss run with 3x random parts \o/ Any advice for the road to boss 3 would be appreciated :3 Great guide btw - ty for putting it together!
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