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  1. Looks pretty gay... But I'll use it anyway :P
  2. Ohh guys, u are so silleh! ^_^
  3. Slowpokes! Slowpokes everywhere!
  4. Can't stop laugh at my fat Zubat
  5. Funfact: Alakazam is Mazakala backwards
  6. For example this is my Ekans Mind = Blown
  7. KuddzZ

    Guild Box

    As I wrote in first post, the guild leader or the Pokemon owner must accept the withdraws ^_^
  8. KuddzZ

    Guild Box

    It's just a suggestion, off course they have to make the guild system first :)
  9. KuddzZ

    Guild Box

    Hello yourself mate :)
  10. KuddzZ

    Guild Box

    How about guild box/es? I think you get what i mean. The guild leader or Pokemon owner must also accept withdraws of Pokemon you didn't deposit yourself. Wouldn't that be awesome? :D Maybe you should be able to deposit money and items to? Like a guild bank.
  11. Gotta catch'em all!

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