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  1. Ambition is priceless its something thats in your veins,and I put that on my name.

  2. Breeding on (off)

  3. Breeding (on)/off

  4. idc how rich you are you see me ingame i'm paing you for this, i love it thanks =)
  5. welcome to pokemmo,enjoy your stay m8 xD
  6. The sky only falls if you let it.

  7. -text Vooshu, Smaller text (EroR) -picture Shiny arc -Background, something that matches,  would love it to be a .gif,  ( I can pay you a lucky egg or a godly  for something you will really take your time in )I'll let you do your work thanks. 
  8. ----Vooshu----

  9. People need to live their life with a clear conscience. When you want to walk on a straight path, somehow you get yourself stained with mud. However, as long as we never give up, one day the mud on you will dry up and fall off.-Sakata Gintoki

  10. .........................

  11. Quit pokemmo gave all my stuff away

  12. Vidi Veni Vici

  13. vidi veni vici

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