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  1. Whether it was announced or not is completely irrelevant. Assumption of people not receiving your message, source of which you cannot even pinpoint accurately is not an excuse to screw them over. I took time and just for you I checked every thread in "Announcements" and there is not a single mention of lucky egg there anywhere, therefore you lying. Not that it even matters if there would be any mention of it since that's something they shouldn't have done regardless if they announced it or not. And again I don't care about the change. They can change whatever they want as long as item market value stays the same. And it's something that would be caused by the very same change they made. That value drop would be caused by them, which would also be bad since it's taking players wealth away, just in a different way than changing one of most expensive items into 1h consumable. So again failed argument. Now please stop white knighting devs which rob over their own players, that's sickening.
  2. Many people here discuss the change of lucky egg itself and kinda missed the point of this thread. I created this thread not because I give a f* about this change, but because wealth was taken away straight out of my inventory without any sort of compensation. This is one of the most ignorant counter-arguments I ever heard. In your opinion fighting inflation justifies taking players wealth away? So for example if government decides one day that inflation needs to be fought by taking your money away from your pocket and tell you tough luck, you would be fine with it? Sure inflation may be the problem but there are other means to fight inflation, and not being fair towards people is not one of them. Especially since this is a video game, free of many real-life limitations. Letting us sell the lucky eggs to shop for the market value after nerfing them this hard is the only fair solution. All major mmo games I played did this. Can you imagine the outrage that would happen if they wouldn't refund people for removing their runes in league of legends? They refunded the full amount of points people spent on them when they removed runes in order to make changes to the game. You do not take players wealth to combat inflation. You combat inflation by selling useful items in the npc shops that reduce amount of the money in the game since any money used in this way is gone from the game forever. Or they could simply sell some middle tier vanity items for big sums of pokeyen. Or probably thousand other ways I don't even know about.
  3. The thing is, this is easily preventable and all is required is some good will of the developers. Compensate people by for example changing existing lucky eggs into 1hour lucky egg+ some vanity item of somewhat similar price on the market. There, problem solved. Another extremely simple solution, make existing lucky eggs unusable but increase their value to around 1milion so we can sell them in the shop to get our money back. There, even better, simpler and more fair solution. I actually seen other games that actually care about their players do this when they had to remove valuable items in order to make changes to the game. But they just don't give a f* because they know sheep won't say a word anyway. How can you even defend this? This is not a real word, this is a game in which they can do many things with a flip of a switch and a simple decisions. They just don't even try to be fair towards the players. And no I am not gonna grind money in a game in which they take your wealth away, and waste my time to undo being screwed up by game devs. I would rather stop playing the game entirely, like I did in some other games when they made questionable choices like this (goodbye hearthstone). I may sound a bit aggressive here but such lack of fairness and utter lack of respect for players time and money is something extremely frustrating and unacceptable. People should stand up against stuff like this. I am actually baffled everyone is so calm about this issue. And it's not even about money. No matter if we talk about 100, 1000, 1000000 or more. Its the principles of it. People these days are way too forgiving when it comes to stuff like this so they are more and more exploited every day. By media, services, entertainment, governments and so on.
  4. Well yeah. When someone has like 100+ milion on his account he may not feel like as much. But for me even 100k is a lot, and 1 milion is a huge deal. I mostly play with my friends after each big update/region expansion and breed pokemon on very basic level (aiming for just 2-3 stats). I played many mmos and I never saw players wealth being taken away so lightly..
  5. I play this game on and off for a while, mostly in short periods. I still remember spending over two days farming chansey trying to obtain lucky egg. It was my most valuable item on my account. Last time I played the price for lucky egg was over one milion which is more than entire remaining wealth combined on my account. I often considered selling it because I did not have money but it was such an useful item I decided to keep it, especially after all the effort I put into obtaining it. And now it's just straight up nerfed, basically killing the price of it? It was so difficult to obtain so price was rightfully so very high. I feel like I was just robbed of my most valuable item.. Why wasn't this changed into another item of the same value or least converted into average market price straight into your pocket? Why do we get goddamn consumable instead? No other mmo game would convert one of the rarest-most difficult items to obtain into 1 hour consumable.. at least not without giving you some kind of compensation. This is a goddamn joke. I would not like to be in position of people that probably spent months farming lucky eggs and selling them as main source of income. If someone had like 50 of them, he just lost over 37 milions (old price vs current price).
  6. Reading ingame chat is 50% of the fun while playing this game.
  7. How do you know this tho.? Ingame description of this ability doesn't mention dmg decrease.
  8. 4 people told me it works as described in the game, 4 people told me it works as described in wikis So basically does it reduce damage if enemy if of opposite gender like it supposed to or not? Anyone knows FOR SURE?
  9. Trading? Trading what? ^^ Ditto catching, you meant trying to get ditto with 31 in some stat?
  10. Hi, First let me clarify I am aware of money guide in Guide Tavern and I did read it. But one thing this guide does not specify is how much and quickly you earn money with each method (plus many things are outdated already). I used to play pokemmo longtime ago but now I returned with friends. Everything costs so much and I just simply have no funds. I used to farm money with payday persian but it's so goddamn slow. I also tried catching chansey but took me over an hour to catch one and he did not have lucky egg on him. So what is good method to get money right now? Not completly rng-based (at least like the chansey hunt) and efficient? I just want some basic funds to buy good moves and do some budget breeding.
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